This term came to public with Margeret Thatcher: TINAThere Is (said to be) No Alternative

It’s basically just bullshitting the public by politicians – that either do not know what they do – or just don’t care.

At the same time admitting – that democracy – the law and order state is dead or at least bankrupt – and all state debt is hold by a privately controlled bank – now defacto making the laws.

Margeret Thatcher: Democracy is dead - Even hell is now being privatized.
Margeret Thatcher: Democracy is dead – Even hell is now being privatized.

Well if there is no alternative – what is the use of democratic decision making system? zero.

Who says there are no alternatives? The elites. Because they want THEIR AGENDA. Because as always in life – there are ALWAYS alternatives.

Some good some bad. Some even better than what your politicians want to sign to law.

Angela Merkel - "Without Alternative! Exactly!"
“Without Alternative! Exactly!”

“… it wasn’t me… ” no of course not. Goldman Sachs advisors manipulated the Greek finance balance shed to make it look good – so they could enter the Euro-Finance-Zone and get cheap credit. More than they can afford.

Angela Merkel: 2008 - private (!) Banks are blackmailing the state - they ask for money - to be rescued.
Angela Merkel: After 2008 real estate speculation bubble bursts (“suprime crisis”) – private (!) Banks are blackmailing the German state – ask for money – to be rescued – or tear down the financial system. This costs the German taxpayer 747 Billion €. Merkel actually said – “i am actually stupid” or “i play stupid and will get a very nice job at Deutsche Bank after my term – so shut up and follow my orders”.



The World Bank and the IMF love nothing more than beyond-all imagination corrupt politicians – that take hughe loans in foreign currency – and basically sell their country to private investors.



What could have been the alternative?

… because there always are alternatives – but leaders won’t tell you. The alternative could have been: Finance Ministers sit together – to make a law – that the ECB/EZB should give the about-to-collapse private banks (e.g. Commerzbank… ) 0% loans… as they do now 2017 ANYWAY. As easy as that. So you see – there is a different agenda going on behind the scenes than the one we are told – and some politicians are stupid enough to actually believe it.


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