It’s old news but since 2015 and drowning refugees and raped and even murdered women – it is more present than ever before.

capitalism wants cheap workers – no matter where they are from – so they recruit whoever is willing to enslave him/her more than others.

To capitalism – it is not even important if a migrant integrates well into society or if they learn the language – all that matters if they can clean the floor at the lowest possible price.

Australia: Soon a Chinese colony?

In Australia – the first language spoken could be Chinese, then Hindu then English.

During my visit to Australia i wanted to order a Pizza next to a Tesco shopping center.

The women behind the counter only understood Chinese and was unable to order the pizza.

Seriously – how can you EMPLOY someone in AUSTRALIA that does not speak even basic English?

It just does not work!?

When will those fucking capitalist realize it?

I am furious and angry at those Porsche driving idiots.

The long history of cheap foreign workers that do not speak German in Germany:

Reckless capitalism enables a highly unsustainable race to the bottom creating conflicts between people living in Germany since generations – also in need of a job.

i have witnessed German cleaning companies compete with Turkish cleaning companies on a race to the bottom.

The pretend-to-be-cheaper wins.

If mankind is about money and money only it will become ugly – an ugly society, full of fraud, abuse, violence, conflict, terror and satanism and satanism only.

Real estate “investors” even welcomed the refugees crisis of 2015 because refugees will drive up demand for housing which drives up costs for housing, which is their profits.

in short: those sick bastards profit from pain and misery of other people while completely disregarding the consequences and misery they create – they should experience what they created – be raped and killed by a refugees and have their kidneys sold on the black market.

Even Mrs Merkel said “Multi Kulti has failed” meaning: unchecked open borders – unlimited free trade and out of control migration creates a lot of problems and even  failed states.


It is a well established fact – that Turkish people have (mostly) less problems with tossing trash into the open.

This is similar to Arab people dropping their trash where they stand.

This massively conflicts with respect for nature and German culture of cleanliness.

In this case – sorry – the Turkish culture is lacking behind – not the culture of the ex-Nazis – soon again Nazis because exactly of this mess.

bad case:

Following up to the mass-raping of German woman in front of the Railway station Köln, Mrs Wagenknecht (The Left) publicly said: “if you missuses your guest-right – you lose your guest-right” – which i 100% agree with – people that become criminal while seeking asylum should go to prison straight – have their DNA taken (so next time they try to enter – there is no entry with fake passports possible) and be moved back to their homelands as soon as possible.

For these works Mrs Wageknecht got a cake smashed into her face by pro-refugee activists.

worst case: rape and murder

“Ethnologist and head of the Research Centre of Global Islam at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Susanne Schröter, said that Z. lacked respect for German society, German women, and German police, and spoke of a culture clash, whilst not making a blanket accusation against refugees, Arab men or Muslims. In an interview with, she said that there were no young women in Germany for migrants like him.

She suggested that Germany needed to develop a new approach for dealing with aggressive men shaped by patriarchal cultures.[28][29] She said that the perpetrator had no respect for German society nor the police, and had viewed the girl as nothing but a sex object.[30]


Unfortunately this is also true for most immigrants with Muslim background – they regard German women fit for exploitation but not fit for marriage.

In Munich black refugees from Africa sit around in public parks like monkeys in a zoo without fences – making people feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Even the police patrols the parks only in large groups.

It’s just completely out of control.

Not civil war like out of control – but this still can happen.

While the Arabs once embracing science were ahead of Western culture – now the Arab culture lacks a 1000 years behind.

Obviously this will create clashes of modern values and the middle ages.

The root cause of the refugee crisis is – poverty in Africa – but also the US lead geopolitical wars / interventions for  “democracy” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and soon Iran? (i hope not)

Did i mention the Rockefellers are now exploiting Libyan oil? No? Well now you know.

“LONDON/TUNIS (Reuters) – French energy company Total (TOTF.PA) substantially raised its presence in Libya with the purchase of a 16.33% stake in Libya’s Waha concessions from U.S. Marathon Oil (a Rockefeller Company) (MRO.N) for $450 million on Friday.
Total has been in Libya for decades and holds a production share of 31,500 boe/d in 2017 from concessions in the offshore Al Jurf field and the onshore Sharara field. It also has a share in Mabruk field, which has been closed for several years because of poor security.” (src: Reuters)

This massive injustice sickens me.

Not the refugees are to blame – but the profit seeking bastards who let them in.

What now?

new cold war 2.0 – but this time it has nothing to do with communism – but with two nations with high-tech weapons wanting to extend their sphere of influence and trade as many weapons as they can.


i only know the Sukhoi Su-57 from video games (deadly skies 2) where it was a very agile airplane.

“Washington has threatened to expel Ankara from the multinational program if Turkey deploys the Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile system on its soil.”

“if Turkey accepts the S-400, “no F-35s will ever reach Turkish soil,” four powerful U.S. senators have warned.” (src:

Erdogan is pissed: first his last election results in the big cities was not that great – second after the failed coup against him – the guy to blame Fethullah Gulen lives in USA Pennsylvania and Erdogan wants to punish him – but the US protects Gulen.

“Turkey’s president has accused the West of “supporting terrorism” and said the coup in his country was organised by foreign powers.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested Turkey would be unable to continue its strategic allegiance with the US if it continues to “harbour” the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is accused by the Turkish government of instigating the coup attempt.” (src:

The Gulen-movement is to say the least – obscure – running private schools more or less secretly all over Europe and the US – like a sect – why? Why the secrecy if you have nothing to hide?

“Owing to the outlawed status of the Gülen movement in Turkey, some observers refer to those the movement’s volunteers who are Turkish Muslims as effectively of a sub-sect of Sunni Islam;[8][9][10]” (src:

It is speculative but – the Saudis are also Sunni (very conservative and strict way of Islam, you can compare it to strict Catholicism).

“The ultraconservative Wahhabi religious movement within Sunni Islam has been called “the predominant feature of Saudi culture”, with its global spread largely financed by the oil and gas trade.[19][20]” (src:

It is suspected that the Saudis – the closest Islamic allies of the US – are one of the biggest sponsors of Islamic terrorism on this planet.

“ANKARA, Turkey — Russia is “ready to cooperate” with Turkey to sell its new-generation Su-57 fighter jet in case the Ankara government and Turkish companies are expelled from the U.S.-led F-35 program, according to a senior Russian defense official.

“These fifth-generation Russian fighter jets [Su-57] have outstanding qualities, and show promise for export,” said Sergei Chemezov, head of Russia’s state-owned Rostec Corporation.

Chemezov’s statement came in confirmation of an Apr. 19 Defense News story that said if U.S. officials were to expel Turkey from the multinational group that builds the F-35, Turkish defense officials likely would pursue Russian fighter jet technology.

“We cannot afford to leave the F-35 not substituted,” a senior Turkish military officer told Defense news.

He declined to comment on the replacement options, as this would require “technological, economical and political deliberations.”

But a defense procurement official said a “geostrategic assessment” would make Russian options emerge as the natural choice.

“Russian fighter technology would the first best choice if our American allies behaved in an un-allied way and questioned Turkey’s membership in the Joint Strike Fighter program,” the official said.

Washington has threatened to expel Ankara from the multinational program if Turkey deploys the Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile system on its soil.

If Turkey accepts the S-400, “no F-35s will ever reach Turkish soil.

And Turkish participation in the F-35 program, including manufacturing parts, repairing and servicing the fighters, will be terminated, taking Turkish companies out of the manufacturing and supply chain for the program,” wrote a group of bipartisan lawmakers from the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

About the Coup against Turkish President Erdogan:

“Turkey witnessed the bloodiest coup attempt in its political history on July 15, 2016, when a section of the Turkish military launched a coordinated operation in several major cities to topple the government and unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Soldiers and tanks took to the streets and a number of explosions rang out in Ankara and Istanbul.

Turkish fighter jets dropped bombs on their own parliament, while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hulusi Akar, was kidnapped by his own security detail.

As news of the coup attempt spread via social media, thousands of ordinary citizens, armed with nothing more than kitchen utensils, gathered in streets and squares around Anatolia to oppose the coup.

The crowds resisted tank fire and air bombardments and, with the help of loyalist soldiers and police forces, they defeated the coup attempt in a matter of hours. The government swiftly declared victory and scores of troops that had taken part in the coup surrendered on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.

Yet the overall price of victory was high: 241 people were killed and 2,194 others were injured.

The Turkish government blames the failed coup attempt on Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher and businessman who has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States since 1999.

Gulen is the leader of a widespread and influential religious movement known as “Hizmet” (Service), which owns foundations, associations, media organisations and schools in Turkey and abroad.

Gulen was once a strong ally of Erdogan, and during the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) struggle to end the military’s influence in Turkish politics in the late 2000s, his organisation had its golden years.

During this period, the AKP-Gulen alliance turned into direct staffing of public positions. Many people in the bureaucracy were removed without due process and replaced with Gulenists.

Yet the Gulen-AKP relationship was eroded by incidents such as the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid, and by National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan, a close Erdogan confidant, being called in for questioning by police officers close to the Gulen movement.

A corruption investigation in December 2013, which saw renowned businesspeople and senior bureaucrats close to the AKP arrested by Gulenist police officers, gave way to an all-out war between the government and the Hizmet movement.

Erdogan reacted furiously to the crackdown and claimed that those behind the investigations were trying to form a “state within a state”, in an apparent reference to the Hizmet movement.

From this point on, the AKP government was always open about its plans to eradicate Gulen and his followers from Turkish political life, as the MIT conducted several investigations into Gulen and his followers.

Today, Turkish officials say that the July coup attempt materialised because Gulenists were increasingly concerned that the government investigation into their illegal actions was coming to an end, and they would be arrested.

Gulen, on the other hand, denies any role in the coup and has even alleged that Erdogan orchestrated it himself “to build a dictatorship” – a claim the president, Turkish spy agencies and even the Turkish opposition have vehemently denied.

n the aftermath of the coup attempt, MIT officials admitted that they received the very first intelligence report about a possible attack on July 15, only hours before their own headquarters was under heavy artillery fire.

They also admitted that the undersecretary of the MIT tried to reach Erdogan to inform him about this initial report around 7pm local time, but failed to get him on the phone.

He said that he had learned about the extraordinary developments taking place in Ankara and Istanbul on the night of the coup attempt not from the MIT, but from his brother-in-law.

Intelligence officials said that in the months before the failed coup attempt, the country’s spy agency decoded millions of secret messages sent by suspected Gulenists, but found no mention of the plot.

Thousands of military officials, pilots, police officers, civil servants, academics and even teachers were sacked from their jobs for alleged links to the “terrorist” preacher and his movement.

Dozens of media outlets suspected of having links to the Hizmet movement were also shut down.

As of today, more than 100,000 people have been sacked or suspended and 50,000 arrested in an unprecedented crackdown. The government has deemed the crackdown necessary to “root out all coup supporters from the state apparatus”.

In another move, the ability of universities to elect their own rectors was also abolished. Erdogan will now directly appoint nominees.

Many people questioned how the Turkish government managed to determine the names of tens of thousands of people with alleged links to the Hizmet movement only days after the attempted coup.

Turkish officials say that they were able to act swiftly because intelligence agencies had been investigating Gulen and his followers for more than two years.

Gulenists have been using an encoded communication application called Bylock since 2014.

another encoded application for communication named Eagle.

The post-coup purge led to a rift in Turkey’s relations with the European Union, which accused Erdogan of using the coup attempt as an excuse to eliminate the opposition.

Turkey’s relations with the US also deteriorated as a result of this incident, as Washington refused to extradite Gulen.

to this day, US authorities insist that they do not have enough evidence to arrest Gulen or to start the formal process for his extradition.

In a statement to Al Jazeera last August, Yasin Aktay, the deputy chairman of the ruling AKP, said that Washington’s reluctance to return Gulen to Turkey, or to arrest him, was unacceptable.

“It is bizarre for us that they [the US] have not been convinced, considering the scope of evidence we presented to them,” Aktay said. ”

“The testimony of the suspects who were arrested red-handed and documents we gave them are clear. If you add the statements of Gulen regarding the goal of his organisational movement, we believe there is nothing to question. Strong American intelligence should be well aware of who he really is.” (src:

“After 40 years of market fundamentalism, America and like-minded European countries are failing the vast majority of their citizens. At this point, only a new social contract – guaranteeing citizens health care, education, retirement security, affordable housing, and decent work for decent pay – can save capitalism and liberal democracy.

NEW YORK – Three years ago, US President Donald Trump’s election and the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum confirmed what those of us who have long studied income statistics already knew: in most advanced countries, the market economy has been failing large swaths of society.

Nowhere is this truer than in the United States. Long regarded as a poster child for the promise of free-market individualism, America today has higher inequality and less upward social mobility than most other developed countries.

After rising for a century, average life expectancy in the US is now declining. And for those in the bottom 90% of the income distribution, real (inflation-adjusted) wages have stagnated: the income of a typical male worker today is around where it was 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, many European countries have sought to emulate America, and those that succeeded, particularly the UK, are now suffering similar political and social consequences…”

Unfortunately this article – they want money for it. so this is only an excerpt.