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Because there is a small rest of socialism (healthcare, thanks god! just look at USA or UK! privatized healthcare literally MEANS DEATH!)

For all neo liberal fascist capitalists: it is great – because the only society wise accepted – “correct” way to die – is from too much work.

If you die – because you worked too hard or drive too fast (because of work). That is completely OKIDOKAY.

So Germans work – work – work – work – work – work – so they don’t have to develop their social skills and can stay or become heartless assholes – the best performing type of human in capitalism.

When you are surrounded by 99% assholes – you wish for a quick death.

But there is one flaw in the system: Humans != Machines – no matter how much you try to treat a human like a machine – he is still a human.

The solution is obvious: replace all humans with machines.

What this means is basically: Return the “useless” human to the state and say “he/she has become useless – you care for him now”.

This is called unemployment.

generating 80% of all the electricity the fulfillment centers use. from books to billions. “overnight successes take 10 years”

“failure and pioneering are inseparable twins.” “customer obsession – focus on the obvious – cheap products – fast delivery – vast selection”

“i love space” – now competing with Elon Musk for being the first man on Mars?

Reusable refillable (in flight) rockets are at the core of both entrepreneurs.