it is estimated that the financial subprime crisis of 2008 accounts for 10.000 suicides

in the short term – madness may look very profitable – but in the long term responsibility and sustainability pay off.

madness will not survive the next crisis

but in sunny times those that act responsible are called mad – will they be able to handle it?

The creditworthiness of corporate borrowers in advanced economies has deteriorated while the volume of debt and financial risk taking has risen, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

It also flagged up concerns about the sovereign-bank nexus in the eurozone and about market conditions for low income and frontier countries.

  • By Phil Thornton
  • 11 Apr 2019


i would add: the problem is the banks.

They do not provide enough liquidity for the real economy (companies and company founders with ideas).

if this is not correct: where can i apply for my 0% loan payable over 30 years?

so the whole thing you call EU economy goes bust!

I think a major problem is that the US (indeed) sees itself as the successor to the British Empire and thus thinks it still has the “right” to govern it’s overseas colonies.

This relationship has to transform rapidly into a true honest and open partnership or relations will get more and more hostile.

Trump is NOT exactly the right candidate to do so, thus Putin welcomes whatever splits “The West” and “The West” is easily split… btw. “the EU” as “United States of Europe” will not work – for the simple fact – that the US is cultural much more homogeneous than Europe (most cultural diversity you can imagine) – so one size / one currency fits all is doomed to fail.

I surely can imagine that some people like the “one currency shall rule all of Europe” idea out of power greediness – but it will not work.

if IMF  wants to see a strong EU economy – “the banks” need to provide liquidity for people with ideas that want to do companies, not even existing well running companies can get loans to redo their infrastructure these days – and the IMF blames it on them.

Would be the point to leverage – to make sure people actually have meaningful work and access to money (afaik “states” “the EU” can not go bust? unless the ECB wants it to?).

But then again – “the banks” are not obliged to take responsibility for society – they are only obliged to make profit – this is basically asking for self destruction and this is what we see right now.

PS: the IMF is based in Washington and thus just as the World Bank or Goldman Sachs has not exactly the will of the people in mind.

Wie könnte ein Nachhaltiges Geldsystem aussehen?
(scroll down for english)
  • Im Idealfall profitiert der der tatsächlich Gutes denkt und tut und wer schlechtes im Sinn hat geht pleite
  • Welches dem Nachhaltigen Überleben der Menschheit auf diesem wunderschönen blauen Bowlingball dient
  • Welches dem Frieden dient
Reicht es einfach zu sagen: +3% p.a. Staatsverschuldung und fertig?
Scheinbar würde die EZB eher den Staat als private Banken pleite gehen lassen.
Aufgabe des Staates muss (auch) sein:
  • alle über-lebenswichtigen Technologien am laufen zu halten/selbst zu entwickeln
    • Landwirtschaft:
      • Jeder der seine eigenen Lebensmittel anbauen möchte, kann auf Antrag ein Stück Land in seiner Nähe bekommen, bekommt zusätzlich noch einen finanziellen einen Bonus?
    •  Sicherheit
      • Man sollte nicht Privaten Firmen die Kompletten Rüstungsausgaben überweisen (es wird niemals genug sein), der Staat selbst muss seine eigenen Rüstungs-Firmen haben welche mit privaten Konkurrieren können-wollen.
      • Keine Private-Sicherheit und Privat-Armeen wie in USA
    • Energie: Green New Deal für ganz Europa?
    • Bildung
      • Warum wird gerade hier gespart das es raucht und kein Beispiel an Skandinavischen Ländern genommen? Wirklich SKANDALÖS.
    • Gesundheitssystem
      • Scheinbar sind wir hier NOCH das Land der Seeligen, aber es wird fleißig weiter Privatisiert und Monopolisiert, bald kauft Goldman Sachs alle Krankenhäuser Deutschlands.
      • Kuba ist viel günstiger da präventiver
      • Kanada steht besser da als USA (weniger Privatisierung)
    • Kommunikation
      • bei Stromausfall sollte wenigstens das Haus eigene Festnetz-Telefon noch funktionieren, was auch schon mal der Fall war (Netzspeisung) wurde aber “wegrationalisiert”.
    • Finanzwesen
      • ein Großteil elektronisch auch die Digitale Infrastruktur?
      • Schulden? Warum sind die psychologischen Effekte von Schulden überhaupt “wichtig”? (Psychologisch?)
        • Wie würde eine Welt aussehen in der Schulden nicht mehr das Problem sind?
        • Es kann nicht sein, dass sich Deutsche Politiker Gedanken über den Italienischen oder Griechischen Staatshaushalt machen müssen, United States of Europe – die EU und der Euro ist nicht Europa sondern ein Konstrukt ohne welches Europa auch überleben kann, lieber eine Vielfalt an Währungen als eine Monokultur. (Bernard Lietaer wäre der gleichen Meinung)
    • Transport
      • Straßen, Schienen, ELEKTRO LADESLÄULEN! (es kann scheinbar aufgrund von Problemen mit dem Eichamt nicht nach kWh abgerechnet werden und es gibt keine bundesweit einheitliche Lade-Infrastruktur)
      • Mercedes hat DOCH ein Wasserstoffauto auf dem Markt, aber die Infrastruktur fehlt.
    • Innovation und Forschung:

Competition is good, but having only competition is not good” (Bernhard Lietaer, 2015)

What could a sustainable monetary system look like?

Ideally, the one who actually thinks and does good profits and the one that thinks and does bad will have to pay.

  • that ensures sustainable survival of humanity on this beautiful blue bowling ball
  • serves peace not wa

is it easy to say: no more than +3% p. a. public debt and thats it?

Do you have to force the central Bank to buy government bonds directly from the government (not just from private banks)? (Federal Bank of Canada)apparently, the ECB would let the state go bankrupt rather than private banks.

The task of the state must be (also): all over-to keep vital technologies running/to develop themselves

  • Agriculture: anyone who wants to grow their own food can, on request, get a piece of Land near him, additionally gets a financial Bonus?
  • Security: the state should not transfer private firms the complete arms expenditure (it will never be enough), the state itself must have its own arms firms which can compete with private-want.
  • No Private security and private armies as in US
  • Energy: Green new Deal for the whole of Europe?
  • Education is being saved right here that it smokes and no example taken of Scandinavian countries? Really SCANDALOUS.
  • Healthcare: We are still the country of the blessed here, but it is diligently further privatised and monopolized, soon Goldman Sachs buys all hospitals in Germany.
    • Cuba is much cheaper because preventative verkanada is better than USA (less privatization)
  • communication: in the event of power failure, at least the House’s own fixed telephone should still work, which was also the case (mains supply) but was “rationalized”.
  • Financial services is a major part of the digital infrastructure, too, electronically?
  • Debt? Why are the psychological effects of debt “important”at all? (Psychologically?)What would a world look like in debt is no longer the Problem?
  • WTF!?: German politicians have to worry about the Italian, or the Greek national budget, the “United States of Europe” – the EU and the Euro is not Europe, but a construct without it Europe was able to survive before it, a variety of currencies is better than a mono-culture. (Bernard Lietaer would be of the same opinion)
  • transport: roads, rails, electric charging infrastructure! nationwide uniform charging infrastructure!
  • Mercedes has a hydrogen car on the market, but the infrastructure is missing.
  • Innovation and research: Cuba has developed a “vaccine” against lung cancer-which at least slows growth or prevents new generation – it’s funny that the democratically-minded Western capitalism societies can’t do that.
  • It must again be attractive and” interesting ” to want to become self-employed with his own idea.
  • In this case, a Kickstarter-like Funding Platform for good ideas would have to be created, where the state also participates?
  • Competition is good, but having only competition is not good” (Bernhard Lietaer, 2015)