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The Problem with Capitalism: Even absurd systems CAN WORK 😀

at least for a while…

There is no one way of doing capitalism, there is not one way of doing democracy, there is not one way to do a coffee… THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES.

Anyone denying this – should be punched in the face – without alternative.


We have lost the way. Greed has poisoned mens souls - we are destroying the earth - but it is very profitable





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“Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence”


The Sam Adams Award is given annually to an intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics. The Award is given by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence,[1] a group of retired CIA officers. It is named after Samuel A. Adams, a CIA whistleblower during the Vietnam War, and takes the physical form of a “corner-brightener candlestick”.[2]

Ray McGovern established the Sam Adams Associates “to reward intelligence officials who demonstrated a commitment to truth and integrity, no matter the consequences.”[3]

The 2012, 2013 and 2014 Awards were presented at the Oxford Union.[3][4]

  • 2002: Coleen Rowley[5][6]
  • 2003: Katharine Gun, former British intelligence (GCHQ) translator; leaked top-secret information showing illegal US activities during the push for war in Iraq[7]
  • 2004: Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator; fired after accusing FBI officials of ignoring intelligence pointing to al-Qaeda attacks against the US[8]
  • 2005: Craig Murray,[5] former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who blew the whistle on UK complicity in the Uzbek government’s use of torture and involvement in extraordinary rendition
  • 2006: Samuel Provance, former US Army military intelligence sergeant; spoke out about abuses at the Abu Ghraib Prison[9]
  • 2007: Andrew Wilkie, retired Australian intelligence official; claimed intelligence was being exaggerated to justify Australian support for the US invasion of Iraq[8]
  • 2008: Frank Grevil, Danish whistleblower; leaked classified information showing no clear evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq[10]
  • 2009: Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell and Iraq War critic.[5]
  • 2010: Julian Assange, editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks[11][12]
  • 2011: Thomas Andrews Drake, former senior executive of the US NSA; Jesselyn Radack, former ethics adviser to the US Department of Justice[13]
  • 2012: Thomas Fingar, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council[2]
  • 2013: Edward Snowden, leaked NSA material showing mass surveillance by the agency, sparking heated debate[14][15][16]
  • edward-snowden-gets-sam-adams-associates-for-integrity-in-intelligence-award-price
  • 2014: Chelsea Manning,[17][18] a United States Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses
  • 2015: William Binney, a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency turned whistleblower

“Striving for fairness in economic development is crucial in order for
societies to be stable and citizens not to feel disenchanted.”
But you can also keep ignoring “all this stuff” and continue digging your hole on autopilot.
After all: Ignorance is bliss… isn’t it? (if you take this for real – please give away all your belongings! they have occupied and blocked your mind! THANKS!)
Please note here: it is true – it is not ENOUGH to just give someone money – that is too easy.
You actually have to sit down with the people and think about their “possibilities”.
With “possibilities” most people would associate immediately “what are the chances of a homeless-bum to become a real estate broker? A Doctor? Or a Laywer?”
No i do not mean those “possibilities” – with “possibilities” i mean the “possible ways” of survival for a human being on this planet.
That everyone gets a fair share of this’ planet resources (air, water, soil, energy)  – so everyone can live in dignity embedded in a loving-caring-culture community – instead of going to (social)war with each other.
Anastasia EcoVillage Land Reform: one hectar of land for free for every family! Is that “too hard” to do?
Alternative: Social unrest and yes: wars.