The current system is unsustainable – so we need to organize transition – towards a more sustainable system.

In contrast to the #DeathEconomy


… the (Pro) #LifeEconomy recognizes:

Nobody and no Concept is perfect – but does that mean – we should have never left the cave?

Or should we encourage to rethink existing concepts regularly – fail – learn – and make new concepts that work better for all life in the universe?

99% perfection is enough for me. but forgetting about the aims “what it is all about” – quality of life and survival of mankind and all life in the universe, ignoring all existing problems, declaring the existing concepts as “god given” and “best possible” is asking for trouble and failure.


An Alternative Cooperation System (ACS) / Operating System of Society (OSOS) / #LifeEconomy is all about creating a world that has a future, that has a positive sustainable perspective and is worth living in for mankind and all life on earth and in the universe.

It should:


  1. easy to explain (3-5min)
  2. simple to handle
  3. decentralized
  4. be fun and fulfilling to do and live everyday
  5. healthy, species-appropriate lifestyles
  6. “transparency for the powerful (and rich) – privacy for the weak (and poor) – protect the “stupid hen” from the “clever” but malicious exploiter “fox”/cracker/cheater.
  7. enable everybody to see his/her possibilities/abilities and encourage to engage them (train consciousness, overcome fears) to contribute to a world worth living in and reward such activism.
  8. bring forth the good qualities/potentials of the human species: social skills, sharing, caring, kindness, happiness, helpfulness, gratitude, deep inner satisfaction
  9. Pro #LifeEconomy – make saving lives pay off more than destroying lives
  10. peace and cooperation
  11. true progress in culture (sustainable lifestyles) and technology – which means: high quality solutions for everyday problems ( flying hydrogen-cars that everyone can afford that last 100 years – are easy to repair and maintain… e.g.)
  12. Enable people to educate and live responsibly, Self-Sufficient, sustainable, self-responsible with and not against Nature because we are Nature – killing Nature means killing ourselves
  13. stabilize societies – communities,families, friendships
  14. allow biodiversity: let nature have it’s untouched space – were other species/plants can survive – preserve biodiversity as good as possible
  15. Early detect malicious manipulation of the system by power-addicted, power-greedy, criminal but also creative people, that are willing and capable of doing harm to society, nature and the planet as a whole. (a hacker would research security wholes and educate society about it so the system can become better and better. A cracker in contrast exploits the security flaws and keeps them secret in order to exploit society for his profit and aims.)
  16. small footprints in every aspect (not just CO2) – environmental responsible behavior needs to “pay off”.
  17. reward responsible behavior (in the context of mankind, nature and society).
  18. encourage to rethink existing concepts on a regular basis – objectively analyze problems of environmental sustainability, stability, social justice – implement a mechanism that allows “positive for all life in the universe” changes to be adopted – without the permission of any group that is in power and profiting from the “status-quo-system”.

An alternative cooperation system should:


  1. meaningless, useless, senseless, robotic lifestyles
  2. destruction of communities, families, friendships
    1. reduction of social skills essential for a team to work – like communication, empathy and so on.
    2. cultivation of egoism and psychopaths (lack of empathy).
  3. profits regardless social and environmental costs
  4. unjust – mafia methods seems to pay off (make money with drugs or “protection money” then go into real estate and pay no taxes)
    1. nontransparent – corruption and mafia can only grow in the darkness of anonymity – undermining the trust of the honest employee into the monetary and governmental system in general.
    2. lobbyists with DIRECT access to parliamentary building (wtf!?) pulling all sorts of tricks and stunts and (of course) bribery in order to get “the law they paid for”.
    3. politicians that hold seats in various companies WHILE being in parliament
  5. highly manipulative and deceptive
    1. illegal mass surveillance to study the psychology of the masses and how to manipulate them in order to control them
    2. trying to convince people to buy = support companies, things, methods of production and a exploiting culture of nature and mankind that is not healthy for them, and they do not need, this is what Jose Mujica (exPresident Uruguay) calles “superflu” = superfluous
    3. to the point of using fear and terror to “sell more” ( weapons, coercing population to increase defense and “security” budget )
    4. keeping people stupid on purpose. ( not telling the truth, telling only half of the truth (advertisement))
  6. Private Banks creating money out of nothing – without real work or producing anything useful and then buy companies and real estate and do speculation with it (only digital available Giral Money) but not lending it out to fund profits that make sense for a better planet and true progress (see Colin Beaven redefining progress) of mankind.
  7. centralized power-structures = monopolies exploiting the masses and natural resources for the profit of a few people at the top of the monetary hierarchy. (e.g. Banks, OilCompanies, speculators)
  8. ignorance
  9. unhealthy, species-inappropriate lifestyles (sitting in a office with bad air and real sunshine, all day long will kill your health fast)
  10. the bad qualities/potentials of the human species, like: Selfishness, Egoism, Greed, Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Addiction (to power, shopping, money, drugs… whatever)
  11. inequality and sabotage/hacking/cracking/exploitation causing harm to the stability of the system, families, friendship, communities
  12. corruption (can be fought via transparency)
  13. #DeathEconomy: that war seems more profitable than peace
  14. enslaves humans and other species by making them dependent and addicted on monopolies (water, food, energy, money)
  15. planned obsolescence (also #DeathEconomy): make products of bad quality on purpose – so they self destruct exactly 1 day after warranty – depleting all finite resources – being unable to recycle easily – destroying the future of mankind.
  16. speculation (buying without needing/using, sitting on it, selling later with profits, destroying alternative sources) with things humans/life needs to survive – air, water, food, housing, medicine, energy
  17. manipulation, exploitation, destabilization, destruction of society, nature (biodiversity), the planet and it’s ecosystems.
  18. big footprints in every aspect (not just CO2) – environmental irresponsible behavior needs to be fined.
  19. punish irresponsible behavior (in the context of mankind, nature and society).

the status quo of the economy is #DeathEconomy – why? – in case you have been without consciousness

“this current (neoliberal) culture of mankind – the first true global (US) empire… but also collapsing like all the previous empires – the current operating-system of society – the financial system and multinational banks and companies, global free trade – makes real work like of an doctor that saves lifes – not pay off anymore.

It fosters egoism and people tend to help less – it creates lazy rich and lazy very poor .

Because the super-rich rather keep their money and sit on it and pay negative interest rates – than invest into creative solutions to sustainability problems of mankind – because what is the profit from people that produce and consume their own energy.

What about 0% percent loans to people that want to do good?

The super-poor do not see possibilities what they could do that would pay off – make their situation better – in other words: if you get almost the same wage if you are employed or unemployed – something fundamental went wrong.

It sucks the blood of the middle-class and destabilizes society – instead of fostering it.

It is punishing responsible behaviour and rewards irresponsible behaviour – same for creativity.

In peacetime you make bikes in wartime tanks – you even make wars – just to sell weapons to make profit – regardless of the social and environmental costs.

“System-critical” banks blackmailing the government/asking for ransom from states/nations.

Industries sueing states for not beeing allowed to profit from rainforest destruction. (TTIP wants this to become international law)

So we are heading for another doomsday – congratulations to all consciously or un-consciously involved.

Congratulations to all CEO and Lobbyists that are too selfish, ignorant, arrogant and afraid to change their lifestyles and that of their families – their children will not be thankful for all the plastic toys they got – in exchange for time with their parents and a better world.

i think we can do better than that – if not – mankind will go up in smoke – including the elite – within the next 3 generations.”


Consciousness and Responsibility

for all this to work – every single one needs to train the consciousness e.g. by breathing / awareness meditation (vipassana).

This will ultimately lead us to insights on why responsibility is not optional.