One of the biggest shortcomings society will pay for in the future is “social neglect“.

you-cant-email-a-hugIt is not in any balance-sheet.

It can also mean – wealthy middle and upper class parents have raised children (“for fun”?) – pumped them full with plastic toys and money – forgot about the rest a child might need on this planet to survive the problems – that a “modern nation” creates for itself.

The “rest” a child needs is:

If those children of “wealthy” ignorant idiots grow up – their parents might reap what they sow – mafia-style terrorists – their children – stealing and blackmailing their parents every day.

That is what i call bad education by unconscious money driven zombies on autopilot.

It might be news to you but:

It is BAD if a CHILD gets ALWAYS EVERYTHING it WANTS by lying on the supermarket-floor screaming.

Such children exist – and they get their way – they learn how to blackmail their parents – because they can.

The same as lobbyists, banksters and agents from the matrix blackmail governments to let the “financial system fail if you do not bail us out”.

It’s the same thing – but on a larger scale – affecting the safety and stability of countries and societies – rather than a family.

At the same time – their parents (unconsciously) build up the dependency bondage between them – the “money giver” – and their children – “the money addict”.

There must be another way then sending your child to the streets to deal drugs or be a prostitute.

You can not blame a bird not to fly – if their parents never tried.

With “fly” i mean – try to become independent from the current financial system.

Most people believe this is “impossible”.

No – it is not.

It is just your lack of imagination.

Otherwise mankind would have died out during the time – when there was no money.

Somewhere between 10.000 and 5.000 BC mankind would have died out. Or even way earlier.

And we would have never bade it to 2000 AD.

All plants like trees and all animals like birds would have died out – because of the lack – of money.

This again – has to do with consciousness – if you neglect to accept – that you and every other human being is part of nature – this can not be divided – and if we exploit and kill nature – we destabilize our ecosystem and kill ourselves.

So there is something wrong with the believe system of parents – which will highly affect their lifes – but they might realize too late, when “Wenn das Kind in den Brunnen gefallen ist”, “the child has already fallen into the well”.

This is what you get – for lack of consciousness.

Forget about Christmas! Happy Apocalypse everybody!

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