“They use Dollar as the linchpin of the global system”


“If and when the Dollar get’s into trouble – it is the entire global system that will fall apart.

Such trouble is actually total predictable – at this point – i knew about it long time ago – that the system will not be able to sustain long term evolution.

The Dollar-Role was negotiated 1944 (Bretton-Woods) at the peak of the power of the United States – they took over the role of the British Pound – in terms of managing the global system.

It is a system of privilege – because it is a privilege – would not be permanent – it was not permanent for the British either.

The Question is: What happens afterwards?

The default would will be

3 monetary zones

– which will enter in competition. There will be a

Dollar dominated zone – probably the western hemisphere

– this is what at least the United States would like to do – as a fall-back.

There gonna be a

European dominated zone – and an Asian zone.

The volatility between these 3 zones will be higher than they are now.

There will be foreign-exchange-control between these 3 zones – and

there will be war between these 3 zones – because zones like oil-producing-middle-east or India do not fit in such a scheme.

So who has influence in these critical areas?

Historically these questions has been resolved in war.

That i was hoping to create an initiative that would be “neutral”.

A currency that is nobody’s national currency.

A currency that is nobody’s national interest.

A currency that would be backed by the major commodities of the global world

– these dependencies exist already.

And in addition – perhaps the most important from my perspective – to create

a currency that actually makes it profitable for the biggest, largest multi-national businesses to think long-term.

Thinking long-term for the corporations is a precondition for a sustainable planet.

It’s the big corporations that actually make the decisions of what we will be doing in the future – it is not governments – and it is certainly not be citizens.

If corporations only think to the next 2 or 3 quarters – that will not get us to a sustainable planet – that will work for everybody.

I was hoping with a system that makes it profitable to think long-term – that would also solve the geopolitical issues that i just mentioned.

We actually remove the “palm”(?) from the chessboard.

In other words – that dimensions would have a safety-zone.

And that what i was trying to introduce first within the Euro-Environment – that was blocked.

That’s why i was trying again in the 1990s – and it did not work either – because i know understand why –

in 5000 Years of History – there have never been preemptive change in the monetary systems – because the objections that i got from the bigger businesses after having checked that the system would work technically (that was tested several times) – but question is:

“allright – will that not perceived as a possible alternative to the Dollar?”

And then the Americans will not like it – and then everything freezes. Nothing happens.

So that’s why historically no preventive change is occurring because there is always one power that has the advantage of the status-quo.

And as long as that power is there – nobody will dare to change it or challenge it.

And that has been what we are repeating now unfortunately – with a huge cost – not only of businesses – but to the population on this globe.

Because the break-down of the entire supply-chains on a global level – will be a very costly affair.

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