All that this says is: “Germany – don’t you dare to cooperate with Russia – in any possible way”.

Because: We – the Illuminati – want to install world control by a global currency and Russia and Iran is “in the way” – because they have a currency backed by natural resources.

Second: within the current monetary system there are like a million loopholes and ways to cheat – and every day the “hackers” from the City of London sit together and try to find new ones – and they do.

Why is that so?

Because no matter east or west – BigBanks & BigCompanies & your Government & the Mafia sit down for a cappuccino daily and say “look – i have this and that money – don’t ask from where – how can i keep it?”

So they joint forces to cheat on you – the stupid average guy taxed to the max until collapse – who cares about sustainability in those circles? Maybe 1% – but not more.

This is like a corruption or cheating-competition.

Who cheats better wins. I can complain here in this blog about it… while not being able to change much – before a collapse.

German Russian cooperation at it’s best – Ain’t it great? Germany provides the creative solution – Russia the resources. 😀

I bet with you that Banks from London and USA did the exactly same thing – and did not get a fine 😀 but probably stopped for GeoPolitical / GeoEconomical / Illuminati reasons – otherwise they probably would get killed by some Illuminati-Member-and-CIA-Agent.

“One company which has been feeling US law enforcement’s interest in corruption is Deutsche Bank.

This week the company has been given

a fine by US and UK authorities of over $600m for helping to launder over $10bn.

The scheme worked on a system called mirror trading.

The company allowed clients in Russia to buy stocks in Rubles and then immediately sell them in London.

This allowed people to transfer money out of Russia and convert it into dollars without the individual in question making an international transfer.

As a statement by the UK financial watchdog said:

“The purpose of the mirror trades was the conversion of Rubles into US Dollars and the covert transfer of those funds out of Russia, which is highly suggestive of financial crime,”



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