Let me be clear – i support a bigger bio-diversity of cooperation tools. That is why this website is called alt-coop-sys – alternative – cooperation – systems.

And therefore it is good to have alternatives to do your payments – no matter if its potatoes – bretzls or bits and bytes.

What i dislike is the “one tool does it all” thinking – which completely fails the needs of the people.

What is great about bitcoins?

  • relative (price) stability
    • no inflation – reproduction is not infinite – not a fiat currency – can not be just printed
    • if exchange gets hacked – prices are down
  • 100% open source and digital
    • works international
    • can just as the internet itself not be fully controlled by a single bank or government
      • but well lawmakers can make laws – like that in NY you will need a license from the state to sell bitcoins against USD.

What is bad about bitcoins?

Even if BitCoins is not a fake-grassroots movement ( i don’t think it is ) – the concept could be copied by banks – which of course will then NOT be open source – that would be probably the time when open source BitCoin will get banned by (bank-lobby made) law for some fake reason like terrorism or money-laundering. (as if that was not possible with todays bank money)

If you want to fight terrorism – don’t trade with them! 😀 don’t supply them with arms and ammunition.

But well – what would the Industrial-Military-Finance-Complex do – without some phony external threat or war? Make less profit i guess.

It is not so important who Satoshi Nakamoto really is 😀

Code is creating facts.

are world currencies a good/bad idea?

As you can read here – “Te absence of all currency risk would spur trade, investment and employment” (1988).

Well look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy now that they have the Euro:

  • debt so high they can not possibly repay
  • economy worse than ever
  • unemployment higher than ever

So this hope needs to be put into the category – illusion or deliberate deception of policy makers and the masses by some more-clever elite with a secret agenda.

How can you install a world currency? Only digital.

The “Problem” is not BitCoin – The Problem is NWO taking the BlockChain technology – and creating a centralized version of that then burning down all cash money to the value of zero and then using this new cool technology for world government. (Illuminati Credo: Ordo Ab Chao – Order out of Chaos

It will (probably) be their own implementation of the BlockChain-technology in a centralized way, not the actual OpenSource BitCoin software everyone can run and install.

Mr Stiglitz Davos 2017: USA get rid of all cash

“India was the ‘test case’ for gong cashless, and it was so successful that the United States is next in the crosshairs. This isn’t about staving off corruption, but rather implementing Technocray.  TN Editor”


“That’s because the most notorious terrorist group on the planet famously uses both the world’s oldest currency (gold) and the world’s newest currency (Bitcoin).

Professor Stiglitz has likely never been anywhere near a terrorist, so he likely doesn’t have a clue how they conduct financial transactions.

Stiglitz also relies on the old claim that cash facilitates illicit activity.

Again, this thinking only highlights a Dark Ages mentality.

In the today’s world, drug dealers and prostitutes accept credit cards.”

“This is where Kimball’s idea for an electronic currency comes in. However, unlike Bitcoin, which prides itself on its decentralization and anonymity, Kimball’s digital currency would be centralized and widely used. He would effectively set up two different types of currencies: dollars and e-dollars.”

Mt.Gox was hacked in 2013 and BitCoins stolen… that’s why the prices dropped.

Is Mr Assange taken for a ride by anonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto“?

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