With the capitalism = Fiat money is like a Religion – it only works if enough people believe in it and participate.

Otherwise, the content of = claims = privileges, of the priest looks pretty crappy.

Banks, World Bank, IMF, Black Rock = Churches of Capitalism?

“Beliefs-driven business cycles”

“Over the years, different generations of economists have entertained the idea that beliefs, and beliefs alone, could be powerful enough to set the economy on a path to expansions and recessions solely determined by expectations of rosy times being eventually fulfilled, or otherwise.”

src: https://bankunderground.co.uk/2019/09/11/great-expectations-the-economic-power-of-news-about-the-future/

In German:

Mit dem Kapitalismus = Fiat-Geld ist es wie mit einer Religion – es funktioniert nur – wenn genügend Menschen daran glauben und mitmachen.

Ansonsten sieht das Gehalt = Ansprüche = Privilegien des Priesters ziemlich beschissen aus.

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