if you are the child of a wealthy (rich in previliges) family living in a well developed “rich” (natural ressources, land, water, oil, infrastructure) country – you are basically born with more previliges than someone else.

So man is no created equal at all.

You might gain the previlige to own a computer or drive a sports car – just because you happen to be born into those circumstances.

If one dedines valuable work as positive for all mankind and (conscious) life on this planet and universe – than a different previlige system is needed.

Only people willing and capable of doing valuable for eveybody work in an ethical way – should be granted access.

By money you gain the previlige to wear this cloth – own this land – burn this fuel (non renewable – one time) and drive this car (or not – because corruption (planned obsz., monopoly fuel costs, privatized infrastructure) has made it unaffordable. (access denied for 90%)

highly unfair.

ways to gain access to previliges – birth – marriage – speculation (trade) – steal or hack systems (tax) to exploit – work.

But always ask: what is supposed to be the aim of all of this?

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