The current monetary system of 2017 is raping the planet leaving behind traumatized people that waste their lifetime in the most meaningless ways, desert, death and destruction.

The most effective means of generating previliges in this system are cheating/deception and exploitation/extractionism/creating despair and suffering and hopelessness and remove all meaning of your life.

In this sense it can be called satanic – because the devil gets his (i guess the devil is male) way by the means of lies and deception and feeds on anger, hate, despair and destruction that those lies produce.

The good news is that hate is unsustainable because people are not born evil and want to be good.

Evil disguises as good to be accepted.

Children are not coming into this world and decide to dedicate their lifes to the creation of as much misery as possible – they are educated by money to be exploited by money as the only accepted and by law allowed way of survival.

Throw away your creativity – shut up – consume – and be happy we did not sell your organs on eBay – yet.

Germany now has 13% far-right extremists in parliament/Bundestag/Reichstag that manipulated the hell out of people to get elected and unemployment and refugees are playing into their hands.



Hitler gained voters during times of economic downturn – so much – that he feared economic upturns.

Desperate people will do desperate things and accept anything that looks like a solution – even if its not.

Therefore creating desperation on a massive scale is impotant for this evil system to work.

It is the result of rich vs poor and the anger that accumulates in people if you cheat them long enough with decades of lies, deception and irresponsible leadership that disguises in various colors but answers to debt-money only.

Germany is a banana republic – a US colony and post-war experiment with an advertisement picture to the outside of being a proper souverain democracy – it is not.

So it does not really matter who you vote for – but i guess that is the same around the globe because economic hitman produce corrupt leaders with dollars, euros and fear of being assassinated.

Long serving finance minister Schäuble states that Germany has not regained full souveranity since it lost world war 2 together with italy and japan in 1950s.

It is more a US-money-matrix – a monetary prison you can not see or smell but that controls everything and escapes responsibility.

The finance-empire that is spanning the world is a man made monster on autopilot.

It is a world in which the liar gets a reward while the truthfull get killed.

Well educated Germans and scientists hate lies.

The only thing that can bring man forward in development is the truth.

Lies are a short-time fun but completely waste of time game – going in circles on a downward spiral to hell.

But lies to gain economic advantages are considered so normal these days – that everybody expects everybody to cheat and lie – if not you are considered stupid.

It is a very effective way to erode and corrupt human values and education.

It poisons personalities.

It trains consciousness to ignore and hate.

It is a ugly game that lives on and produces fear, hate and despair.

It is self destructive and does not ask for meaning.

It is a weapon of mass destruction for inter human relationships.

It is like a bulldozer – killing forests and everything in it and turning it into a desert that generated Dollars for a few people far away with ignorance but without consciousness and for a short time.

It makes you feel powerless and alone – unable to escape or reform it – no matter you vote for.

It is anti-democratic and anti-socialist – business can be done best with dictators and psychopaths and if there are no rules or of they are ignored.

The US power CIA finance elite installed a lot of dictators around the world – for example pinochet in Chile.

The elite is aware that the only way to keep up the value of fiat money (paper or digital money created out of thin air or electrons by bank debt) is to make people work for as little money as possible – and sell this as without alternative and as “great improvement”.

It is a trick that enslaves mankind and keeps the emperors secret and anonymous.

It kills and pollutes and nobody knows who is to blame – escapes responsibility.

It is male dominated because some males are more ruthless and reckless and easier to corrupt.

It is breeding and rewarding self destruction and psychopaths similar to Nazi Germany but more anonymous – nobody knows who is responsible for the mess – who is owning what and why and who is the emperor to blame.

It you think money is like gravity – a law of nature, physics or even god – you have been effectively brainwashed over decades.

It is man made and has man made flaws – hence it should be continously reformed – if not – it will fail and lead to multifold disaster.

Reforms follow disasters that are also produced by the money-elite and used to reform in the direction they like – inevitable it seems but obviously false it is those puppets that present the pre-fabricated “solution” to the public.

Let me repeat: Desperate people will accept any solution – even if its not a solution at all – but consolidating or extending power of the monetary rule making elite.

So it is very important for the money-kings to produce desperation on a massive scale to get their agendas pushed through and get their interests acted upon.

In this sense crisis is for the money-power-elite a way to install their laws, rules and gain resources.

It is the free maisons/Illuminati’s credo: ordo ab chao.

(Their) order out of chaos.


Terror and financial collapses is such man made chaos.

But who am i – to think and write about this?

I am not a anonymous elite money king or queen.

I am just a philosoper.

But what i can do – i will do – to ensure mankind has a future worth living and kids are looking forward to a new day in their life – instead of killing each other on the streets and blaming it on the refugees of geopolitical wars.

Doing so is easy and allows everybody to escape responsibility – atleast in their heads.

Hitler blamed the international jewish financeers for world war 1.

Until today i found no proof for that.

Btw… Is this a swastica?


I guess it is.

What i can say definately is that this is the Freemaison lodge in London.




It is massive.

So is the world secretly ruled by old angry men?

Surely for the well being of all mankind. Maybe not.

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