Update: HURRAY! “The Spanish court denied for the second time the extradition request against Falciani, a French citizen who worked for HSBC, over alleged industrial sabotage in 2008 because the charges included in the Swiss ruling are not considered a crime in Spain.”  (src) THANKS! ALL INVOLVED!

Update: 2019-01: “Thanks to the courageous action of a single Swiss (Falciani) Spain has received 300 million euros back.

He risked his life to make up for an enormous injustice.

His Name is Hervé Falciani.” Carpe DIEM25!

2018-10: 90% of major European banks already sanctioned for money laundering

Update: sign the petition (in spanish)

Hervé Daniel Marcel Falciani (Italian: [falˈtʃaːni]; born 9 January 1972)


He did the job that the Swizz, Spanish and other Governments were supposed to do – properly apply tax laws to EVERYONE not just the average employee and SME.

He worked as FrancoItalian systems engineer and whistleblower who is behind “the biggest banking leak in history.”[1]

In 2008, Falciani began collaborating with numerous European nations by providing allegedly illegal stolen information[2][3] relating to more than 130,000 suspected tax evaders with Swiss bank accounts – specifically those with accounts in HSBC’s Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank.[4][5][6][7][8][9][full citation needed]

Falciani is the person behind the “Lagarde list“, so called as it is a list of HSBC clients who allegedly used the bank to evade taxes and launder money that Falciani leaked to ex-French Minister of Finance Christine Lagarde, currently the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

Lagarde, in turn, sent the list to governments whose citizens were on the list.[10]

On 11 December 2014, Falciani was indicted in absentia by the Swiss federal government for violating the country’s bank secrecy laws and for industrial espionage.

The indictment accused Falciani of stealing information from HSBC’s Geneva offices and passing it on to tax authorities in France.

HSBC had been indicted in France for money laundering in November 2014.[11]

In November 2015, Switzerland’s federal court sentenced Falciani to five years in prison – the “longest sentence ever demanded by the confederation’s public ministry in a case of banking data theft”.

Falciani was accused of “aggravated financial espionage, data theft and violation of commercial and banking secrecy”.[12]

Have banks more power than governments? (see HSBC vs the US Government)

The Spanish government was willing to deliver Falciani to the Swiss government in exchange for other Katalan politics in exile, luckily the Swizz authorities turned down this deal.


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