This picture has gone around the world – as a symbol of the Evilness of Europe.

But it is not Evilness – it is STUPIDITY – the lack of innovation and problem solving skills of governments and their advisors.

In English:

Who caused the refugee crisis? Whoever dropped bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

But it was the lack of concept of the government in Europe and their corrupt consultants what made it escalate and lead to the rise of right-wing parties – again without sustainable concepts – that will bring things to further escalation.

“We make it” (analogue to Obama’s “Yes we can” this sentence did Mrs Merkel not come up yourself, any of your Advisor has formulated it for her) but “How” is Europe supposed to deal with the refugee crisis?

The government and their stupid lobbyists-consultants don’t know – they have no concept – no opinion – no ideas for problem solving.

Some problems you just have to SOLVE and can not sit out like Chancellor Kohl and “silence” – no matter how much you weigh.

in German:

Was hat die Flüchtlingskrise derart eskalieren lassen?

Es war vor die Konzeptlosigkeit der Regierung und ihrer korrupten Berater.

“Wir schaffen das” (diesen Satz hat Sie sich NICHT selbst ausgedacht, irgendeiner ihrer Berater hat ihn formuliert) aber “Wie” weiss Sie und ihre bescheuerten Lobbyisten-Berater nicht.

Manche Probleme muss man einfach LÖSEN und kann diese einfach nicht aussitzen wie Kanzler Kohl und “schweigen” – egal wie viel man wiegt.

“It has been said that the United Nations was not created in order to bring us to heaven, but in order to save us from hell.” (Dag Hammarskjöld)

Hammarskjöld (age 48) outside the UN headquarters in New York City, 1953

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