The everyday life of people has to do with reason – the largely on “digital money” created financial services industry – that also just prints their way out of a crisis – is here and there freed from the “normal capitalism” and even from “law of nature” and thus may continue to exist and create more and more irrationality.

thus: in London 40.0000 homes and many more around the globe are standing empty – the owners do not even seek rent – they are simply for parking (more and less legally acquired) money – also that of international mafia organizations.

That’s what a bank is – “a mafia organization” (quote bank employee).

Without the rational everyday life decisions of a farmer allow the irrational virtual reality decisions to exist.

if everyone was growing his/her own potatoes – life would be much different – healthier and better in many ways.

But how to acquire land if you can’t print money?

a sick game with sick rules that everybody (99% atleast 50% of their time) is forced to play.

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