Nicht was Geld/Umsatz bringt sollte Sinn machen – sondern was Sinn macht sollte Geld bringen.

Wenn es die Menschheit in den nächsten Jahren nicht schafft eine ganzheitliches Konzept für ihr eigenes (Über)Leben zu erschaffen, wird die Menschheit aussterben.

Wenn es nicht gelingt, ein Geldsystem aufzubauen, welches Taten belohnt welche die Überlebenswahrscheinlichkeit des “Homo Sapiens” als Ziel hat – dann wird das (Über)Leben bald nicht mehr möglich sein.

Weil der Mensch laufend – Systeme entwickelt welche in ihrer Komplexität immer weiter zu nehmen – bis diese nicht mehr überschaubar sind.

Sei es Technologie, oder das Geldsystem welches Dr. Prof. Niko Peach auch nur als “Software” bezeichnet.

Niemand würde eine Software schreiben – die nur sich selbst oder einer Hand voll Menschen an einer mittelalterlich, feudal anwirkenden Gesellschaftspyramide dient – die eh schon “zu viel” Ressourcen haben.

Mark my words: If mankind refuses to learn – and come up with a holistic concept for it’s own survival on this planet – in the universe – we WILL die out like the dinosaurs – probably in the next 300 years.

It also has to be said – whoever came up with debt-money created capitalism never thought of an holistic, sustainable approach for mankind’s survival.

It is like with a forest – you cut one tree – then ten – then hundred and you think the forest has no limits – then one day – you cut the last tree and you realize – the planet – the oceans – the solar system – maybe even the universe – has limits.

This is due to the fact – of systems being created but without

1. the set goal of mankind’s survival as a species

2. without a process that continuously test and adjusts the system so it still serves a meaningful purpose from 1.

3. simplification: because complexity increases the likelyhood of losing oversight and control

It all starts as a good idea that then turns bad because man is always looking to optimize one’s own methods and then going to unhealthy extremes like taking drugs to work 3 days and nights or driving really fast to save a few minutes.

Not what generates most money should “make sense” (a life/a company/a product) – but what makes sense should generate/be rewarded with money.

So the monetary system is setting the wrong incentives.

Example: If light bulb manufactures conspire to produce products of low quality (“phoebus kartell” 1925 Geneva, the life of a light bulb shall be limited to 3 years) they make +25% (all manufacturers).

This is well documented and called planned obsolescence and it is unfortunately a widely used “self optimization method” of companies.

a great example of very specialized people + striving for maximum turnover in capitalism = catastrophic for the survival of the species as a whole = evil outcome of death and destruction.

It should be the other way around – those manufacturer’s light bulb last longer  shall be rewarded and those that cheat – should be punished – by the state and the market/buyer.

Departments (half state-sponsored such as the “Foundation product testing” “Stiftung Warentest”  could EASILY make this evilness transparent to the public and the government – they tested 116 led light bulbs and it costs you 2€ to see the result.

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