Besides from some positive examples: Qatar is a oil and dollar rich state that provides free health care to it’s citizens – it is shocking to see Saudi Arabia again oil and dollar rich NOT GIVING SHELTER TO A SINGLE SYRIAN OR YEMEN REFUGEE of war and poverty!

At the same time the UN and others try to end hunger and fight climate change and Europe is being flooded with African migrants from climate change and poverty – it is sickening to see super rich Africans import luxurious Bugatti cars to Zimbabwe worth 3 million $ each.

This is not mankind at it’s best – this is utter stupidity and diabolic egoism. (why not buy a Tesla you f*** idiots!? and save mankind from climate change? not luxurious enough? #f*** YOU!)

positive example: “Phone Mogul Strive Masiyiwa, has donated $ 10 million to the cholera-fighting.

The devout Christian multi-billionaire drives a single, normal car, even though it is Africa’s leading Internet Provider Liquid Telecom, the glass cable, fiber and satellite connectivity for Africa’s largest mobile network offers, from the Cape to Cairo, as well as Zimbabwe’s largest mobile phone company Econet Wireless, the important Bank, Steward Bank and the pan-African sports TV channels Kwesé.

But he is also one of Africa’s leading donors for the fight against Cholera, Aids, Ebola, cancer, and Hunger.

Zimbabwe remains a country in which the majority is in deep poverty, while the rich Elite is enjoying themselves in an opulent lifestyle and sees no Problem at all in making this visible to all.” (src)

The wealth of this elite shall taxed at 50% a year or the poor shall be armed and thus will kill the elite in a french revolution style – maybe Africa needs a french revolution!



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