After decades of lobby-controlled-democracy – democracy in Germany is weaker than ever.

Jürgen Trittin (also GreenParty) “Niemand kann dauerhaft gegen den Markt regieren” “You can not make politics against the market (forever)”

After all even Socrates believed only the “noble” and the rich shall rule – because people are “too stupid” to rule themselves.

After 2008-subprime-crisis and 2015-refugee-crisis – it just takes another 1929-like finance-economic bank failure crisis – to give all power to extreme-right.

Most (99%) of non-extreme-right politicians are not aware of their massive responsibility of averting another 1929 and the right-wing and possible war fallout.

Most (at least 95%) are egoistic bastards that do not care about anything but their own pockets.

Best example: Joschka Fischer – from activist to lobbyist – lobbyist for what?

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