from the Orwellian playbook

read me right: 1984 was written in 1949 and i fear – it is a concept that is appealing to Trump AND Putin and any other secret hidden power elite – that plans on “leading from behind” and “stay in power no matter who is elected”.

it’s concept is simple: exploitation of the poorer and poorer masses and blame it on someone else – an fabricated “enemy” painted in horrifying colors.

The whole 9-11 “all muslims are terrorist” scheme falls in this category – and EVEN CHINA is now copying it!

Why does Israel NOT want peace with Palestina?

Because they need to fan the hatered – they need to keep the enemy alive – to exploit their own people.

if there was one word to describe capitalism – it is exploitation.

if there was one word to describe tyranny – it is exploitation.

if there was one word to describe dictatorship – it is exploitation.

if there was one word to describe slavery – it is exploitation.

1984 scenario: the constant warfare scheme

The Enemy of the East – is of course – the degenerated, arrogant, decadent, gay (New York) Nazi (Germany dominated Europe) West.

The Enemy of the West – at least for USA Washington – is of course the not-so-communist-but-still-evil “Soviets” Russia, Iran and maybe even China? (whoever challenges their power and monopoly on oil and dollars).

Schwarzenegger “USA is not only Washington” – yes but the lawmakers are in Washington.

The Orthodox Christians – of Ukraine and Russia and other countries are very united in the idea – that “The West” is – either gay or Nazi or both (SA/Stormtroopers were in fact gay Nazis)

UNFORTUNATELY the longing for a feeling of importance makes people like Thomas „Tom“ Neuwirth (* 6. November 1988 in  Austria, Gmunden) come up with such ideas as to dress up as a Transvestite – call himself – “Mrs/Mr Wurst” and call this “Art”.

Putin attacks Eurovision drag artist Conchita for putting her lifestyle ‘up for show’


IT IS THE PSYCHE OF A NEGLECTED CHILD – HIS LONGING “TO BE SEEN” “TO BE IN THE MEDIA” “TO GET ATTENTION” “TO GET A FEELING OF IMPORTANCE” that makes this perfect example for Putin to show it to his people and say “see how decadent and gay Austria is?”

“It is especially the beard a tool for me to polarize and get attention…” „Vor allem der Bart ist ein Mittel für mich, zu polarisieren, auf mich aufmerksam zu machen…”

Quote: Thomas „Tom“ Neuwirth, September 2013

As if it would be something good to polarize – IT IS NOT – Trump is SPLITTING his own country in half by being a “polarizing” asshole.

Nobody calls publicly displayed mental illness “art” – rather a visible symptom of a sick society that was unable to prevent it – or even welcomed it – in order to create hate, discord and war.

“German chancellor raises reports of torture and persecution of gay men during joint press conference with Russian president” (src)


So the “Wurst” “Art” is playing directly in the Orwellian hands of Putin and indircetly in the Orwellian hands of Trump or people behind Trump/USA/Washington.

The picture Putin paints of the “West” is 1. evil 2. gay 3. Nazis – so all Orthodox and all Russians know who is to blame if they are suffering of poverty and hunger – so much that they are happy to join the army – to escape poverty – even if they get killed at some useless war running low on ammunition.

evil leaders: even psychopaths want to be loved

the leaders are evil psychopaths – they would not blink an eye to sacrifice their family – if they can stay in power a second longer.

it has happened – and it will happen again.

Francisco Solano López Carrillo (24 July 1827 – 1 March 1870) was President of Paraguay from 1862 until his death in 1870 – he was unable to prevent war against 3 powers (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) surrounding this strategically very central Paraguay.

Same as Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon and other power addicted males – his wife realized that this war could not be won and begged him to give up – he had her whipped.

He was willing to sacrificed the last man and woman and child and even his own family – to stay in power.

You have to expect that your leader – is such a leader.

It comes from the psychology of importance.

Everyone wants to feel important.

A leader without a country – feels unimportant (even if he is the worst leader in history) – so he tries to keep hold of it – no matter how many lifes are lost.

A CEO without a company – feels unimportant (even if he is the worst CEO in history) – so he tries to keep hold of it – no matter if the company needs to close down afterwards.

A worker without a job – feels unimportant (even if it’s maybe better for the climate if he does not drive 100km to and from work every day) – so he desperately tries to find a job – no matter if it kills the climate.

People like “Thomas Wurst” – feel unimportant if not a thousand cameras are focusing on him and do whatever it takes to get the media attention – even if that means massive amounts of HATE by people that are not so tolerant.

The feeling of importance is important to the human psyche: This info i learned from – Dale Carnegie (1936) – the name alone says – this is no vegetarian X-D (Carne means meat in Spanish) – but a poor farmer’s son – that fought bitterly to get out of poverty.

“Carnegie said he had to get up at 3 a.m. to feed the pigs and milk his parents’ cows before going to school.”

We all need a feeling of importance – otherwise our existing feels meaningless – our lifes worthless – the people surrounding us make us feel insignificant – at worst – not worth being loved?

Everyone even psychopaths – want to be loved.

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