Jacque Fresco (March 13, 1916 – May 18, 2017, age: 101) was an American futurist[1] and self-described social engineer.[2] Self-taught, he worked in a variety of positions related to industrial design. (src)

A great thinker of our time, Jacque says he can build a house for $5,250 (today USD? or 1960 USD? probably today 15.000€, still very cheap) that can be build with 8 men in 10 hours – if concrete foundation already in place.

he built planes – that’s i guess – why he wants to use Aluminum for the roof…?

Actually not a bad idea X-D depends on the thickness of the Aluminum.

pros: will last 500 years X-D

cons: while a lot of brilliant ideas make complete sense – the law and market situation needs to be kept in mind.

Market situation: people need affordable housing – check.

Law situation: Aluminum requires a lot of energy in the production, thus companies move to iceland – because there you have a lot of geothermal (renewable) cheap energy.

also: a square house allows wind and storm more “attack surface” – i would go with a more aerodynamic shape 🙂 that SHOULD withstand a hurricane – anything else will not survive climate change. also: can it withstand a bush fire or easily repaired after such event?

I think “OpenSource” – sharing housing plans for free – “WikiHouse” is “THE WAY” to go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiHouse

Because it allows mankind (especially students of architecture) to dedicate thinking, design and planing – thanks to the Internet –  on a global scale – maybe someone can “OpenSource” Jacque’s plans 🙂

src: https://www.thevenusproject.com/tvphistoryevent/trend-home/2/

Ein großer Denker unserer Zeit – er starb im Alter von 101 Jahren.

Jacque meint er kann ein Haus für $5,250 bauen (vermutlich heute 15.000€)

er hat Flugzeuge gebaut, deswegen will er für das Dach Aluminium verwenden…?

Eigentlich keine schlechte Idee X-D kommt auf die Dicke des Aluminiums an, Aluminium benötigt sehr viel Energie in der Herstellung, hält dafür 500 Jahre X-D

src: https://www.thevenusproject.com/tvphistoryevent/trend-home/2/


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