if capitalism (and by capitalism i mean MONEY) would motivate people to do good – i would be a proud capitalist.

(unfortunately brain scientists discovered quiet catastrophic effects of “presence of money” (even if it is just a picture) or just the “thought about money” on human psyche and behavior, the “lesser evil than socialist dictatorship” theory is not enough anymore sorry)

If Mercedes and Porsche and Lamborghini and Ferrari and Pickups and SUVs and Hummers would run on renewable Hydrogen created with 100% renewable energy – i would be proud on everyone driving such a thing – but right now – i just consider them as reckless egoistic idiots and any women that fancies this “show of materialism” as a short sighted prostitute.

So because even egoistic psychopathic dictators and idiots want to be loved – women – i urge you – also in the name of your children and grand-children (that you surely do not want to die in avoidable wars over finite resources) to reconsider your priorities when it comes to mating.

(latest estimates date peak-oil “pretty sure before” 2035)

btw: if you really want – you can also burn hydrogen e.g. keep your loud combustion engine and accept that mankind is just not as reasonable as it thinks it is X-D

So if you need everyone 100 miles around you need know that YOU are DRIVING a COMBUSTION ENGINE RIGHT NOW then what the heck why not X-D (just don’t do it every morning at 4.00 AM will ya?)

Let the Yanks keep their pickups – just convert them to renewable hydrogen and they do not have to frack their drinking water! (as only short sighted idiots would make such a deal “yes we will die early but it will be fun until then”)

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