“great archival index of trust turns out to be the discrepancy in income between the richest and the poorest people in a region”

if property (possessing something that gains value because it is scarce and the market says it’s value grows by the day)

earns more money than labor: you get structural inequality

i have to correct the speaker: Germany’s middle class is sold out to investors and left by politics to die – just as in any other country that does not provide good framework for a strong middle class and incentives for people to be self-employed.

Right now law-wise you are way better off as employed (even for little money) than as self-employed:

  • high tax 40% even for one-man-companies/startups
  • governmental health care charges you extra
  • all the risk and compliance is on YOU!
  • banks refuse funding

Currently there is a lot of monopolization and privatization going on in the healthcare system of Germany.

Video uploaded 2016:

Ben Dyson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Money
Ben Dyson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_Money
  • 97% of all money is DIGITAL (not Central Bank CASH) and created by banks by new loans.
    • 51% of this money went “straight into property”
      • residential mortgages / office buildings
      • “the higher you push up asset prices, the greater the inequality” = “the single biggest cause of inequality in the world”
      • quantitative easing and 0% rate policies subsidy for banks for select few people who own certain assets
    • 31% financial markets
      • trading commodities / financial markets / speculation
    • 8% credit card consumer loans
    • 8% to businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Boom and Bust” are “build in” in the system
  • QE for people
    • “The Bank of England’s policies are making the rich richer and doing little for anyone else. This needs to change.”
      • would be 6-10.000£ PER PERSON for additional spending and boosting the economy (locally but also abroad, you could by law tell people to only allow to spend it locally)

this is a problem, if banks do not create new loans (basel3) = small businesses run out of money/have no access to current currency (digital or not) = no new jobs = civil war on the streets.

banks say “there is no growth so you don’t get any money” but then everything stops. As if people do not need food – fresh water – electricity – recycling – spaceships.


13. Sep. 2018

Since 2010 the Government has slashed almost £50bn a year from public services. Your schools. Your hospitals. All while the Big Four UK banks have paid out over £50bn in bonuses. Seem fair? Find out how much you’re owed now >>>

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