wohoo! he will surely help the homeless with all his real estate! (NOT!)

The meaning of life: accumulation?


Contrast: Ex-President Uruguay Jose Mujica

“My whole life has been a life of accumulation”

“money money money i want more money – i don’t even know why – just keep going – i want to build more buildings – many many buildings along Miami… i wanna be greedy… now i wanna be greedy for the United States of America”

“we have to be rich before we can be great again”

“these countries – we are protecting them for nothing”

“some people will say that is not free trade – every single person in this room understands – that this is the right thing to do”


he surely does not care – who prints the money – who lends the money – how does the monetary system work?

it works for him – so he does not care.

… and broker arms deals instead of making poor people richer.

it sounds like the “easy way out” we vote for Trump – he is going to make everyone richer – end of story. We can stay on our couch.

This is NOT how the system of rich vs poor works – it works by exploitation and it will continue to work by exploitation.

If Trump would REALLY want to help his people – he would help them to help themselves.

He would provide them with means to create their own food and energy (not like in 1684, with more automation) – so they can become self sustainable – sovereign citizens – that would be the (literally) empowering of the citizens – that Bannon is speaking about – is it going to happen? – i believe those gentlemen do not have this on their radar! have seen nothing like this up to now.

More jobs that produce more crap to pay a little more money will NOT do it – people also need education – how to use that power-of-money-trade responsibly – or society will keep on exploiting and failing – nothing is going to change.

Would it be “socialist” if people would OWN and OPERATE their own power-generators, cables-batteries, solar-planels, wind-mills, power-stations?

i don’t think so.

Unfortunately with populism it works like this – power-players want to see a populist elected – because they believe he is easy to manipulate for their cause (as all politicians by the way) – then they maybe lose control over him – like Hitler, with “catastrophic” side-effects.

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