Trump says: He loves WikiLeaks

Marco Rubio said working with WikiLeaks should be considered a crime
Marco Rubio said: “if you are willingly working with WikiLeaks – you are doing the work of a foreign intelligence agency and should be considered a crime

but won’t do shit for Julian Assange

credo: only allow as much truth and transparancey as it damages opposition/enemies or help get me elected.

deprived off basic human rights, heating, bed, he sleeps on a yoga mat.

Not in Russia or China, but in the “free” West.

Behind the scenes a deal seems to be brokered by highly in USD debt Ecuador:

Assange to the in return, in would be cancelled for Ecuador by

it is one of the most visual examples how the USDollar empire works – like the Mafia – in foreign currency debt- that in contrast to debt in your-country’s currency – you not print.

Shooting the messenger won’t kill truth.

Updae: 2019-01:

sign the petition:

(2019-01-31: 15.339 signatures)

“Whistleblowers like Falciani and Julian Assange not only do the right thing, they also give society back what it owns. But at a high personal price.

When Julian decided, the mass of secrets about world war crimes, espionage and dirty group to reveal the Deals he had to go against his own instinct, to keep these secrets to protect themselves. He knew that as a victim of false accusations, he might have to spend his whole life in a prison and that his well-being was at stake. All this has come in the same way – and could now become even worse.

A Leak has now revealed that the United States initiate everything in order to give Julian the Rest. That means no less than there is a secret Plan to deliver Julian and end his fight. His extradition is imminent and could happen at any Moment.

The fact that people have risen has turned away similar extradition requests for other heroic Whistleblowers like Falciani, who now, after years of legal persecution, happily lives in Spain. Let’s get back into action, this time for Julian before it’s too late! If citizens show resistance, Julian’s extradition could be prevented.

sign in order to prevent assange’s extradition to the United States

The courageous actions of whistleblowers strengthen transparency and democracy, and often they also give us our money back. When 600 of the richest Spaniards have evicted more than 300 million taxes, Hervé Falciani took charge of greedy companies. And it is only thanks to him that the Spanish people have recovered this money and can invest in health and education.

The people who stood up for Falciano have achieved something for him, and just as a mobilization could now achieve something for Assange.

But we need to act quickly, because extradition could happen at any Moment.

It is clear what this extradition would mean: if not the death penalty, then at least a life in a high-security prison and terrible treatment. At the same time, this extradition of Julian Assange to the US would be a blow to the face of the freedom of the press in Europe and the Western world.

In recent years, Ecuador has granted Assange political asylum in its London embassy. Now, the United States put the country under pressure. His new government has crept in and now announced that she would like to remove Assange from the embassy.

But instead of honoring him as a hero, Falciani (Swiss whistleblower of taxevasion) was accused.

Similarly, the governments of the United Kingdom and Ecuador could now be complicit in Julian Assanges if they handed him over to the US.

“The fact that the US treats someone as a criminal because he makes secure information public is a dangerous way for a democracy,” says Assanges American lawyer Barry Pollack.

It has already limited its internet access and its visitors, turned off the heating and let him freeze during the past months.

This Situation has rapidly worsened its state of Health.

Instead of making Julian suffer, Ecuador and the UK should be able to move to a safe country to ensure respect for Human Rights!

To raise our voice for Hervé Falciani (Robin Hood of TaxEvasion) has done a great deal.

For a man who risked his life to oute tax evaders.

This time, we could do something for another Whistleblower: Julian Assange. Sign this Petition to stop his extradition before it’s too late!

Carpe DiEM25!”

“Fun” human rights Fact:

neither USA, nor Russia nor UK did sign this UN-paper:

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