Maduro and his secret service surely are no peace activists – as Gaddafi was no peace activist.

The question is: How many innocent lifes will it cost to remove this man and place all of Venezuela’s resources into the hands of US corporations?

It works Mafia Style: Economic Hitman

It is pretty well known – that Economic Hitman – fly down to a SouthAmerican countries (with resources!) – congratulate the president for his (legal or illegal) election – and present him with two choices:

either take a $bribe and cigars and enjoy the support of the US establishment and at the same time signup for a country enslaving debt or die in an airplane crash.

If he says yes – a huge loan in $USDollars (from IMF or WorldBank) that this country NEVER can pay back will be arranged to build infrastructure projects – of course ONLY with US companies like Halliburton and once it becomes clear that the country is highly in USDollar debt and can not pay back in a foreign currency that it is not allowed to print – the trouble begins.

Just like the mafia the Economic Hitman hit again and say: “look you can not pay back – so support us on the next UN vote or send us some troops – or sell us your resources really cheap.”

John Perkins – was such an economic hitman – working for “Chas T. Main” consulting group – sub contractor of CIA for the dirty diplomacy mafia style of work.

IMF debt strikes again against Ecuador:

Julian Assange hold hostage by debt of Ecuador to IMF


PDVSA (state run / owned oil company of Venezuela) will obtain access to those accounts only after the company comes under the control of Juan Guaidó, who declared himself acting president on January 23rd, or of a democratically elected leader.” (The Economist)

Blackrock, Fidelity, JPMorgan (Rockefeller) Ashmore bet on Venezuela

“Nevertheless, the transaction highlights the extent to which investors are willing to take on increasing levels of political and economic risk as they seek high-yielding investments when interest rates still hover near zero.

“There is a lot of interest in this trade,” said Carlos de Sousa, an economist at Oxford Economics, a research company based in London. “We are in a low-rate environment, and these are dollar bonds with really high yields.”

Among the large holders of Pdvsa bonds are BlackRock, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase and Ashmore, an emerging market specialist based in London.”

Madeleine Albright says 500.000 dead Iraqi Children (from medical sanctions and embargo) was worth it wins Medal of Freedom (1992 removal of Saddam) 

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