How can Trump and AfD be so successful at elections?

In my opinion: after decades different parties and politicians – there were no fundamental change or reform – nothing really changed.

Not a lot of problems were really sustainable “forever” solved.

That is because politicians/the state is not allowed to print money – those who print money – can shape this planet – the rest is doomed to watch.

So the game is rigged and politicians – not even Trump or AfD are allowed to actually change much.

Obama for whom “change” was THE keyword and also the hope of people – did not change much.

But no matter who you vote for – not much changes – because the real power to sculpture this man made world is somewhere else.

With ECB being more powerful than the presidents of France and Germany together – if ECB says no – they can not force it to print money – because it says it needs to be “independent” – funny enough – ECB started to print money never the less.

They – the politicians – had no chance from the beginning – so the voter grows desperate, desperate for real change and angry and vote even for the most extreme “alternatives” / far-right/alt-right.

This is never the less dangerous.

Also the media gives the impression that we are living in decadence – a downward spiral where corruption, exploitation of others and egoism rules.

And indeed exploitation is integral part of capitalism it is called “maximizing profits” – earn more – pay less – no matter how – even in the most irresponsible ways.

A world in which everything is a commodity/product and those really in charge are anonymous and not accountable – is an ugly world.

A lot of deliberate egoistic non-sustainable deliberate des-information (lies/tell only part of the  whole truth, hide facts and circumstances), brainwashing, miss-conception, miss-management and corruption scandals (feeling of constantly being cheated on) – it is the feeling of people that politicians have delivered them to “out of control” globalization and people want back control (over their country).

In the uncontrolled migration / refugee wave, the loss of control across the EU became apparent.

No bold reform can be expected from the “established” parties CDU/CSU/SPD.

The Left never got enough votes to make any reforms – the Greens got more votes in the last election but feel teeth-less and “assimilated” – a little bit more daring – but still fail to make bold reforms.

reforms – that are BENEFICIAL TO THE PEOPLE(!) – are needed in almost all fields you can imagine.

  • banks fail at their core task: to produce loans for established companies and startups that want to create jobs – but can’t because they got no money – banks claim it’s because of regulations… well maybe gov, banks and companies would have to talk to each other regularly.

    • wealth-inequality
    • i have seen companies with steady growth that went bankrupt – just because there was no one there to bridge the gap
  • transport (partly privatized Deutsche Bahn almost bankrupt, no money invested into infrastructure and repair)
  • out of control migration
  • tax-in-justice (Apple, Starbucks, Google, Amazon and many others), Cum-Ex: Private banks rob the German State
  • health-system is less and less functional
  • no concept for labor market
    • especially in former DDR / East-Germany capitalism simply does not work, after almost 30 years still a at least “felt” 30%  or more without a job or on minimum-wage

So the credo is: whatever does away with current power-structures is welcome – because we can not take it anymore.

You can blame Chancellor Kohl (the mentor of) Mrs Merkel – CDU / CSU / SPD – to have failed over decades – over and over again – to solve the most basic problems of people – in this capitalistic system.

It’s bad-if it always has to come “so far” that any alternative is better than to continue “business as usual”.

But maybe it’s more capitalism’s systemic fault that that of Mrs Merkel.

Capitalism = Seeds of War!

one “good” example: how democratic is the EU?



Das Bild scheint meine Theorie zu bestätigen – es geht um:

  1. wirtschaftliche Nöte
  2. Frust gegen das “Establishment”
    • wozu vermutlich auch Lobbyisten/Influencer der großen Unternehmen, Banken, Versicherungen gezählt werden müssen!

AfD ist “die Ernte” von Jahrzehnten Miss-Management: eines entfesselten globalisierten Raubtier-Kapitalismus inklusive Korruption und Reformstau – scheinbar der “unausweichliche” Weg einer Demokratie in die Dekadenz?

Island macht es besser – ist aber auch kleiner.

Wie kann es sein dass AfD auf zweistellige Wahlergebnisse kommt?

Ganz einfach: Es ist das Gefühl der Menschen von Politikern an die Globalisierung ausgeliefert worden zu sein – die Menschen wollen die Kontrolle zurück.

In der unkontrollierte Zuwanderung / Flüchtlingswelle wurde der Kontrollverlust der ganzen EU sehr deutlich.

Die Linken haben “nichts gerissen” die Grünen wurden “assimiliert” – nach dem Motto: Hauptsache irgendeiner stürzt die aktuellen Machthaber.

Es ist schlimm – wenn es immer erst “so weit” kommen muss dass JEDE Alternative besser ist als “weiter so”.


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