“Why is Norway not a member of the European Union?”

The answer comes from Rune Bjåstad, Minister Counsellor for Culture and Communication at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Paris.

“The reason is quite simple, the Norwegian people said, ‘no’ twice in referendums, each time by a narrow majority.

“The arguments for saying ‘no’ were that membership was a threat to the sovereignty of Norway, the fishing industries and agriculture would suffer, that membership would result in increased centralisation, and there would be less favourable conditions for equality and the welfare state. Fishing is extremely important to the Norwegian economy, especially for coastal areas. It is the second largest industry in our country, after oil.

src: https://www.euronews.com/2013/03/29/norway-and-the-eu

and polls have not become more pro since: a steady decline X-D

from 45% yes to 22% yes -23% in 10 years! GOOD WORK ALL INVOLVED!

Date Conductor Yes No
2006-05[29] Response 45% 55%
2007-04[29] Response 45% 55%
2008-05[29] Response 40% 60%
2009-06[35] Norstat 40.6% 50.3%
2010-07[44] Sentio 25.3% 66.1%
2013-01[54] Sentio 18.7% 70.8%
2014-08[55] Sentio 17.8% 70.5%
2015-12[56] Sentio 18.1% 72.0%
2016-08[58] Ipsos MMI 16% 66%
2018-06[59] Sentio 22% 67%

How did Norway handle the refugee crisis?

“migration of Norway to USA peaked 150 years ago in the 1880s”

“if you want to stop migration – we need an international community that creates jobs where people are living”

“Africa will be 3 billion people in the next 100 years – we have to create jobs in Africa – if not we get the movement – that is an argument for more international cooperation – not less” (Erna Solberg interview – American News – Published on Jun 6, 2018)

“During the European migrant crisis in 2015, a total of 31,145 asylum seekers crossed the Norwegian border in 2015.[16] The number had not been as high since the Balkan wars in 1990s. Most of the asylum seekers came from Afghanistan and Syria. In 2016, the number was dramatically reduced by almost 90%. In 2016, 3460 asylum seekers came to Norway. This was partly due to the stricter border control in Europe.[17] The EU-Turkey agreement, implemented Mars 20th 2016, was made in order strengthen organized channels of immigration to Europe, and prevent irregular migration from Turkey to the EU.[18]

As part of the UN, Norway receives UN quota refugees. In 2015, the Norwegian government announced that they would receive 8,000 Syrian quota refugees between 2015 and 2017.” (src: Wikipedia)


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