The big question – which one must face as a primate (ape) is: “Social-IQ” / “Society-IQ”: can humans as a group and even as a bigger group of millions still behave intelligently?

Hunting Mastodon (ancient elephants, “natural prey” of humanoid primates, TOO BIG to be hunted by an individual with a spear) is one thing – but taking care of a whole planet is a much larger thing.

Are humanoid primates able – to play even as “big teams” of millions / are they able to work peacefully / successfully / behave constructively together – or not?

Does it only work in small teams / on small scale?

(democracy in Switzerland and Iceland is way more alive than in EU / USA)

And what does this depend on?

What environment is needed to make it work?

Is it a culture “thing”?

It is pretty clear to me – that this has to do with the presence or absence of consciousness and empathy.

Why should a person when he/she is born in Cuba  –  studying medicine – earning 60-USD (official unit of trade for the economic zone of North America and their partners, without guaranteed equivalent (like gold)) and 10,000 CUP (currency unit of Cuba’s economic zone without guaranteed equivalent (like 1L of Rum)) – be honest – eat vegetables instead of meat – drive bicycle instead of a car – and stay in Cuba if he/she could earn 6000 USD in New York or London or Malta or some other western country?

Why should he/she not move to “more Dollars”?

Sounds harsh – but I think the problem with Marx was – that he did not study psychology – enough.

The psychology of people seems to be pretty egoistic if you live in capitalism – and i wonder if this is the “natural state” and if Marx massively underestimated this (species wise self destructive) factor.

More US-Dollars means more “access” / more “rights to access” of the trading zone – more access to the resources of this planet – to buy more CocaCola and IPhones – if that is – what makes happy and gives life meaning. (probably not… it is the beginning of even more problems that did not exist in the first place X-D)

has the revolution failed?

one thing first – after the collapse of Cuba’s biggest trading partner – the Soviet Union – it was expected that Cuba would experience famine.

It did not.

Today Cuba has one of the most innovative health care systems and Cuban farm 100% biologically (which means more manual work… but that would be not bad to obese USA and EU citizens).

So no it has NOT completely failed.

Often South American countries look towards Cuba as the “role model” – because they kept their independence from the US-Dollar to this date and nobody died of hunger.

500.000 children could still be alive right now – if Iraq would produce it’s own medicine.

Alberto Simon, lived in Cuba

“Cuba has a centralized economy.

The prices of goods and salaries are adjusted by the government.

There are two currencies to further separate Cubans from foreigners.

Cubans get paid in a currency that is for Cubans only.

With that currency you can purchase goods at government set prices.

The thing is, the government doesn’t really have that many goods to sell in those prices so Cubans usually have to resort to the black market or the free (as if for foreigners) market which have prices closer to international values.

Cubans don’t live through the month with their salaries.

They have additional sources of income that are usually shady or outright illegal.

Doctors get gifts all the time from patients to get better attention.

Farmers are legally bound to sell their whole products to the government, but they usually sell some on the side to get more income.

Some other workers steal food or small stuff from their workplace to get by.

Inspectors usually get bribed to turn a blind eye, so they get their extra from this. It’s all very shady and corrupt, but it’s part of the Cuban life.

The point is, though, that because the economy is centralized, Cubans get access to cheap products, but are also paid very low wages.

No one can actually live with just that, though.”



Die grosse Frage – die man(n)/Frau sich als Primat(Affe) stellen muss ist: Social-IQ / Society-IQ: Sind Menschen fähig – auch als “große Teams” erfolgreich/konstruktiv zusammen zu arbeiten – oder nicht.

Mir ist schon klar dass das etwas massiv mit Bewusstsein zu tun hat.

Warum sollte ein Mensch, wenn Er/Sie in Kuba zur Welt kommt – dort ein Medizinstudium ableistet – sich mit 60-Währungs-Einheiten der Handelszone Nord-Amerika ohne garantierten Gegenwert (USD) und 10.000-Währungs-Einheite der Handelszone Kuba ohne garantierten Gegenwert (CUP, Cuban Pesos) im Monat (ein sehr guter Verdienst in Kuba aber nicht in New York oder London – zufrieden zu geben?

Warum sollte er nicht “mehr” Dollars?

Klingt hart – aber ich denke Marx hatte die Psychologie des Menschen – und dessen scheinbar sehr ausgeprägten Egoismus – nicht ganz auf dem (Bild)Schirm oder hat diese grob fahrlässig unterschätzt.

Mehr Rechte auf globale Ressourcen und die daraus produzierten IPhone-Güter haben? / Einfordern?

Welche Art von gesellschaftlichem Betriebsystem wäre nötig?

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