Trump wants Germany to spend more on weapons – because in his minds – it’s all about money. And USA is spending too much and Germany is spending too little against “the threat”.

Map of Nato


But at the same time – he realizes that USA is losing the globalization-trade-game with Germany (better cars) and China (cheaper cars) – so he does not want to trade with Germany or China anymore.

This brings us to the ultimate problem: Trade imbalances between countries – that can not print their own currency. (Greece can not, Germany can not… the ECB is in Frankfurt but it is political “independent” and when 2008 hit and Sarkozy asked the ECB-Ceo to print money to save the banks – because ultimately it’s a banking-crisis – the ECB-Ceo Trichet said “no” and shifted the burden to the tax payer with fatal consequences and looming state-bankruptcy)

Our governments and lifes are so “market” (whoever has or prints money) dependent to the extent of maximum absurdity.

Greece has massive trade imbalance with Germany and is so much in debt – it won’t ever repay.

The Greeks may very well halt payback of their credit by 40-50-100 years and just start printing their own money again or revert back to metal coins of intrinsic value.

“US President Donald Trump can impose a 25 percent tariff on European car imports, which would hit European, and especially German, car manufacturers hard.”

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