With “out of control” people mean – not serving the public interest/society – not servings justice but whoever pays more – maybe not even conducting a crime but maybe preparing a crime like the Khashoggi killing.

It’s funny – how Israeli spies always assume the whole world hates Israel and try to frame their opponents like this – one spy now got caught.

NSO Group Agent – codename “Lambert” and his video recording pen carefully position was revealed by CitizenLab investigative Journalists he was spying on

Who where the clients that wanted the NSO Group to spy on?

It was probably the Saudi government.

When it comes to Dollars – nothing matters i guess… any publicity is bad publicity for a spying company that wants to stay secret and undercover – bad publicity is even worse.

This could even be the end of the NSO Group – at least under this name.

Undercover agents target Citizen Lab

“According to a report by AP News journalist Raphael Satter, Citizen Lab researchers who reported in October, that Israeli NSO Group surveillance software was used to spy on the “inner circle” of Jamal Khashoggi just before his murder,” (which explosed Khashoggis criticism of the Saudi Regime to the Saudis by reading his IPhone messages)

“are being targeted in turn by international undercover operatives.” Citizen Lab October report revealed that NSO’s “signature spy software” which had been placed on the iPhone of Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, one of Khashoggi’s confidantes, months before. Abdulaziz said that Saudi Arabia spies used the hacking software to reveal Khashoggi’s “private criticisms of the Saudi royal family”. He said this “played a major role” in his death.[26][27] (src)

what a crazy money driven world we live in.

Want to get some insight into the every day life of a spy? – he laughs at encryption

yes i guess – every computer and SmartPhone nowadays has some embedded hardware from companies such as BroadCom that will record informations about you.

Encryption is of course useless if the “sender” or “receiver” has a trojan horse sitting on it’s motherboard or in it’s RAM – then NSA might not be able to decrypt your traffic “in the middle” but by placing malware at the endpoints – they can download the decrypted result directly from your device.

This is why Open Source hardware is so important / smartphones that truly rely on transparent designs, processes and free software come to market.

Thank you aljazeera!

Every investigative journalist I deal with who talks about encryption just makes me laugh and feel sorry for them in equal measure.

“Only use Signal with me please, I don’t trust WhatsApp”; “Don’t Signal me, I only use Wickr”; “Here’s my global key if you want to send me documents securely.”

My favourite line was spoken proudly by a friend at a major news network who had just come back from an away-day on tech security: “There were 300 of us there, and they brought this guy in who taught us everything we need to know to keep all our communications secure.” 

Oh yeah? Ever wondered who your teacher is really working for?


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