The solution for Venezuela and Ukraine and other Countries would be true INDEPENDENCE from foreign money and influence (USA Russia & Co)

Venezuela in crisis – What will China and Russia do about it?

They could “copy” the US once more and send in the “Raisin Bombers (German: Rosinenbomber) or (in US English) “Candy Bombers” were colloquial terms Berliners gave to the Western Allied (American and British) transport aircraft which brought in supplies by airlift to West Berlin during the Soviet Berlin Blockade in 1948/1949.” (src)

Especially the people of Venezuela suffer from the power struggle between West-Washington against the rest of the world – they are so poor they have to eat garbage.

Following the revolution in Cuba, massive western embargo and sanctions and the collapse of it’s main trading partner Soviet Union hit Cuba very hard – but Cuba was clever and survived – Cuba changed it’s farming to a more organic approach – nobody starved – why was the rest of SouthAmerica learning so little from the Cuban example of self sustainability?

It is what leads to those tragedies and gives unrest attack surface.

“That Chinese investment, coupled with relatively high oil prices, spurred Caracas to significant spending increases, providing a major boost to Chávez’s 2012 re-election campaign. The Chinese investment was so significant — $20 billion in 2010 alone — that it served as a pre-emptive bailout. Even after the 2014 oil market shock sent the Venezuelan economy into a tailspin, Maduro had the means to continue servicing debt obligations.” (src)

update: 2019-02-25:

Best overview of the situation up to date from Eduardo Lander: (Sociology is the scientific study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture of everyday life.[1][2][3]) … it may sound ridiculous, but i believe the science of sociology needs to be renamed to “group behaviorism” otherwise people will associate it with socialism X-D and not trust sociologists)

  • “US sanctions have deepened the crisis but they are not the main cause of the crisis”
    • “main cause of the crisis is massive corruption of the (Busdriver) Maduro government”

please download and watch the video.

Trump calls Maduro a “Cuban Puppet”

so you see where this is leading… first Venezuela than Cuba Trump: “the ugly alliance days are over” and a new ColdWar and US-colonization and Imperialism is on?

Trump hates Cuba because 100% of all “poor” Cubans have healthcare and in his “rich” country 40% can not afford a doctor. (see healthcare usa vs canada)

  • CodePink: Venezuela needs negotiations managed by Mexico and Uruguay
  • RedCross and UN will not touch this aid
  • US wants to take Venezuela to the path of civil war and intervention

Edgardo Lander:

  • plan is to escalate the situation and create a crisis
  • compares it regime change consequences in Iraq and Libya – it is going to make it worse – in terms of medicine and food
  • a coup carried out by US-gov and right wing Venezuela that is prepped by US-gov
  • possible solution:
    • Negotiations about basic agreement on a consensual national electoral council, and then referendum
    • find someone truly neutral/objective to conduct referendum/elections in Venezuela
  • US-aid convoy is cynical – because US is running monetary infrastructure and thus blocks Venezuela ability to make or receive transactions
  • US sanctions have deepened the crisis but they are not the main cause of the crisis
    • main cause of the crisis is massive corruption of the Maduro government


Cui Bono? Who profits? From another crisis? And at worst: a proxy war between US gov and Eastern powers in SouthAmerica?

everybody directly or indirectly involved/working for/profiting by weapons manufacturing industry/industrial military complex/security/surveillance industry.

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