the sneaky part about capitalism: it only tells you half of the story – probably not even i have all of the story… but here is a puzzle piece:

money is kept scarce at the “bottom level” of the population to create artificial scarcity – to artificially keep the value of the money up – that otherwise has no intrinsic value.

fiat money are zeros and ones on harddisks and on paper, without intrinsic value or guaranteed exchange for gold or silver – that are created “god like” – ex deo – out of nothing – you can not eat it, melt it or use it for anything – even when you burn it it does not give off much heat.

That’s all austerity is about, while at the same time:

… you should ask, about the 75+X Trillion $ “investments” banks make with freshly printed FED/ECB money in the shadow banking casino!

if that money is well invested or not?

politicians are kept stupid on purpose – and those that know pretend not to know – it is their job to either be or play stupid.

there would have to be fundamental changes made to the monetary system and – god bless him – Bernard Lietaer says – we will be forced to change it before 2020.

Will that change be democratic?

Or by a handful of private bankers, that only seek their own interest, rather the the interest of the country as a whole?

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