2019.03: France wants to share Aircraft carrier costs with Germany

… and probably other NATO members.

Whoever “wants” to pay for it X-D because it is “needed”, because the Russians are Evil, Iran is evil, North Korea is Evil… and could declare ware and invade France any day.

Who knows.

Military buildup – preferably with US-weapons as Trump wants – is expensive.

Who is going to pay this?

Merkel once more: Yes we can (i would like to tax her more)

Building a new Aircraft Carrier is probably too expensive, even for Merkel, so because the economy of France is “doing so well” under Euro-ECB-Mario Draghi and the Euro is bringing so much wealth, jobs and austerity… i mean prosperity to the French people – that now are very happy to pay even more tax for expensive toys for people with small penis to play with.

… don’t tax the rich, only the poor of course!

If you have not detected the massive use of irony in the last sentence… close the browser window now.

Everybody wants to go to war with weapons that someone else paid for

Trump wants NATO to pay for the latest (now useless) US-missile-defense-weapons, (they themselves already spend $40+X billion on it)

so do the French gov wants the Germans to help pay the maintenance bill of Europe’s only Aircraft-Carrier Charles de Gaulle

This Aircraft Carrier was used in the (retrospect completely useless) war “on Terror” in Afghanistan after 9-11

and also in the 2011 “Regime-Change Operation” against Gaddafi in Lybia – that actually CAUSED the refugee crisis of 2015.


France intensifies airstrikes from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle
2011: “French military operations launched from the French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier aim to put pressure on the Libyan regime and force Gadhafi to leave power. With no end in sight and the cost of the military operation mounting.”

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