$750 Billion Defense Spending Budget 2020,

$750 Billion divided by 0.327 Billion Americans equals to = $2293.58 costs per American capita per year

Veteran on war in Afghanistan: we are perpetuating a system of senseless violence

“a long really messed up camping trip – but you have guns – and you will get shot at”


“The increased VA spending — up to $216 billion, an increase of $19 billion or 9.5 percent from fiscal 2019 — comes as a host of non-defense programs face steep cuts in the budget proposal.


About $9.4 billion would be spent on programs to prevent suicide among veterans (4.5 percent more than fiscal 2019) and about $1.8 on outreach to homeless veterans. The number of full-time VA employees would rise to nearly 394,000 individuals.

Per law, the budget request also includes advance appropriations for fiscal 2021, to ensure a government shutdown or other political stalemate won’t disrupt any needed medical or support programs. That funding will top $217 billion.

Lawmakers will spend the next several months debating both the details of the VA funding proposal and how it fits with Trump’s broader budget priorities.

Congress must adopt a new federal budget by Sept. 30 or face another partial government shutdown.”

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