small entrepreneurs being able to pursuit their idea are essential for the creativity of an economy – established big companies are like big ships: they are pretty hard to change and adapt – so it is no “wonder” that the big US but also German car manufacturers are in serious trouble over the lack of allowed creativity.

Apple, Google all these companies started out in garage size – provided the funding – they were able to grow into the BigData monsters that we are both feeding and battling on a daily basis.

not only Tesla but a electric garage car company from CROATIA (!) is now – literately – overtaking Ferrari:

and they already have the successor to this “electric rocket”: The Concept S is a lighter, more powerful, more aerodynamic and track-oriented iteration of the Concept One.

The electric motors in the Concept S can generate 1,384 hp (1,032 kW), enabling the car to accelerate

from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in just 2.5 seconds

and attain a top speed of 227 mph (365 km/h).

“proves EVs can be spectacular to drive”.[31]


a good indicator if a economy is working or not: how happy are the  self employed people

Dying of Greek companies slowed down 2013 to 2016 just to rise again in 2017., Page2

Dying of Greek companies slowed down 2013 to 2016 just to rise again in 2017.

… self employment rate is and was pretty low in USA, (6.3%) compared to other countries.

It has been pretty high in Greece but is going down steadily, as it is in most countries except: United Kingdom, Netherlands and Chile.

i can only speak for Germany:

  • you really DO NOT WANT to be self employed in Germany – unless you found a massive reservoir of oil in your garden (have at least 300.000€ of cash flow a year)
  • In Germany being self employed unfortunately worsens your legal position “automatically” and causes “bureaucratic overhead” towards health insurance, tax, loans, unemployment guarantees and so on and so forth.
    • tax is complicated and high 40% on income
    • loans? what loans? if you do not want to gamble with your home as security
    • as employee you do not risk your home, as self employed you do
  • not even Dentists want to be self employed anymore:
    • most people, prefer being without job, than starting a company
    • even nowadays fresh from university Dentists (one of the (still) best paid self-employed healthcare jobs in Germany) prefer to become employees in a big dental practice, instead of taking on the risk of a huge loan (0.5million€ at least) to start their own dental practice.

If the state / the EU is not propping up legal position / privileges and simplifies the tax and loan laws for entrepreneurs, it is not hard to predict, that self-employment-rates will continue down.

One proposal would be:

  • if you want an more innovative economy, if you are creative and believe in an idea you have and want to start your own company and maybe create jobs:
    • send in your concept and how much money you need to “the EU” (whoever feels responsible there)
    • if they like your concept they should provide you with a 0% loan over 30 years pay back when you want, no real estate securities needed
    • first 3 years you do not pay taxes at all

… then you can “find out” if “the market” and the economic conditions the market is in right now (not the best shape) accepts your business idea – or not – without risking anything.

Not exactly what you would like to see from a banker’s perspective:

  • if nobody is taking loans
  • if no bank is providing loans with conditions interesting to people

You can call it a crisis.

Copying bad US-ideas, that already have proven wrong:

looming doom – Germany now allows more privatization of it’s healthcare

Lobby driven politicians changed 3 words in a law – now Saudi Arabia can buy German hospitals and privatize them for maximum profit – nobody can compete with players with this much of cash.

Not exactly what you want for a healthcare system – it is NO NEWS that privatization of healthcare worsens healthcare in quality and increases it’s costs. (the exact opposite is propagated by lobbyists).

But who cares – surely not our politicians who play dumb and stupid.

If you do not believe me, please study the case “health care system USA vs Canada” as an example.

wow – so private health care system stems from one main reason: redistribution of wealth.

or in other words: rich people do not want to “lose” one penny more than absolutely necessary to poorer people – because being greedy is/was what made them rich in the first place.

now how many people in a society you can categorize as rich? It is probably 1-10%.

so if democracy was working the will of the 90% would weigh more than that of 1-10%.

so surely a lot of countries that call themselves democratic are by no measure democratic and should stop accusing dictatorships of being undemocratic.

a human live, governments and laws are about money,

but they should not ONLY be about money

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