as you might now… 2008 was a real estate crisis, according to Dr Prof Ehnts 1929 was a combination of stock market crash and real estate bubble bursting… now let’s hope “they” won’t get the timing right this time.

Australia’s housing market cooling sharply

Lalaine C. Delmendo | December 10, 2018

“After six years of strong house price rises, Australia’s housing market is now slowing sharply, mainly due to the introduction of market-cooling measures, including stricter lending restrictions and the imposition of higher taxes on foreign investment in the housing market.”

The Good
  • Strong and stable economy
  • Low to moderate transaction costs
  • Tenant-neutral rental market
  • Strong rental market for migrants
The Bad
  • Moderate effective income tax rates
  • Prices have risen too far, too fast
  • Interest rates are rising rapidly


also interesting: law is different country by country

Landlord and tenant law: a regional comparison

it’s always the same with capitalism… it “works so well” that it completely get’s out of balance – on purpose?

But who profits?

Those that see it coming and shop cheap during disaster – after all you all probably know the old Baron Rothshild’s saying – you have to buy when blood is running on the streets – mankind is not savage by nature – capitalism is.

“Housing and banking expert Martin North North has criticized developers and the housing industry for “throwing up” high-rise buildings at such alarmingly fast rates.

He warned viewers that significant defects and safety concerns are imminent.”

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