“Russia is an important country. It is a military superpower – in order for us to solve many big problems around the world – it is in our interest – to work with Russia and obtain their cooperation”

“We all hope for a successful Russia, where people have jobs and economy is growing”

“A Russia that has good relationships with their neighbors”

“I sought a constructive relationship with Russia despite significant differences” (Obama Nov 2016)

Joint Press Conference Obama Merkel White House Nov 17 2016

Trump was elected November 9, 2016

a great speech. now USA is “leader” not in climate change but in:

  • weapons exports (always was)
  • nationalism
  • racism

… but even Trump realized, that ObamaCare has to stay if he does not want to risk ripping USA completely apart. (to the amusement of Russia, China and Iran)

very good speech Mr Obama

To the young people: “Do not take for granted our systems of government and our way of life”

“because we have lived in an era that has largely been peaceful and stable – at least in developed countries”

“their is a tendency to assume that this will be always the case”

“democracy is hard work”

“in the US if 43% of voters do not vote – then democracy is weakened”

“if we are not serious about facts and whats true and whats not – if we can not discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda – then we have problems”

You are an intellectual – and that is something positive!

You and Ex-President of Russia Medvedev got along very well.

We just can hope that Mr Trump and Mr Putin get along as well.

… the voice of the female translator for Merkel IS HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! X-D

Mrs Merkel’s days are also numbered

Neither Merkel nor Obama were able to “turn the tide” of decades of corruption and hijacking of democracy by rich entities and turning democracies actually in plutocracies with puppet politicians – that take the first bribe offer they can get.

Sorry to say but Mrs Merkel actually did not make a move known to me to bring about change to this corrupt and lobby driven “democracy” that Germany has become, globalization and open borders + refugees from Middle-East and Africa have illegally entered Europe and Mrs Merkel was only able to hit the handbrake and now globalization is reversed.

Mr Obama took some chances (ObamaCare) to make a difference.

… still 40% of all Americans can not afford a doctor.

Mrs Merkel tried to make a difference for peace in Minsk.

… but the Ukraine conflict rages on and Trump almost leaves out no possibility to bully other countries and NATO.

Unfortunately i have to say, that the lobby driven democracies failed on bold changes on behalf of the “poor” 90%.

So 90% of people around the globe get the feeling – no matter who they vote for – nothing changes – they have no voice plus politics and politicians are creating more problems than solving any – often saying one thing but in effect causing the exact opposite.

Multiple German Finance Ministers – for example –  were so incompetent, that they did not realize, they lost more than 32 BILLION (!!!) Euros to private international banks that conducted massive CumEx tax fraud schemes.

The constant plundering of the planet and people by the rich self declared “elite” plus refugees (more people coming from even poorer countries to Europe and USA and compete with the poor that already live there) is asking for escalation and violence.

Hurray! More human trafficking ads on Twitter!

So what do you think?

have they screwed up or not?

lave a comment below.




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