Mediocre physical infrastructure in many EU countries, incl. Germany

Even rich EU countries such as Germany and Luxembourg had for many years deliberately delayed or reduced infrastructure investments in order to limit public spending. [3] There is thus an EU-wide need for better transport links, power grid connections, super-fast broadband networks, as well as school and hospital improvements [4]

Germany needs to give up on it’s “zero debt” policy – ECB will have to buy state bonds – like bank of Canada.

Anything else will lead to economy standing still, unemployment and chaos.

Electric cars – why no infrastructure?

Also: it is just embarrassing that Berlin (government) does not do unified electric car charging infrastructure country-wide, rather than having “the free market” = a lot of small companies all doing “their” incompatible with others version of it.

Also it needs to be possible by law and technology to bill by the exact amount of energy charged / per kWh – its almost 2020 and you tell me this can not be done?

You can not charge a Renault-ZOE or Nissan-LEAF at a Tesla charging station.

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