… democracy only works with highly educated people.

Socrates was not elitist – but he insisted that only those who thought about issues rationally and deeply should be let near a vote.

Democracy is only as effective as the educational system that surrounds it. (which means most Western educational Systems suck and so does Democracy then)

You can say – money rules the world – but if money (and only money?) rules the world – it will make very incompetent decisions and thus not rule for long because it rules very badly.

Herman Scheer (SPD) “the sentence from the declaration of human rights – that people are born equal in rights – if this humanitarian principle ought to be kept up (in Europe) – there needs to be redistribution of wealth”

In Africa – human rights – of course – are not as implemented as in Europe – I guess that is at least one reason why people from Africa want to go to Europe – because in Africa their life is worth nothing.

Nobody not even in Bulgaria will shoot them at the border.

From a neo liberal point of view: too bad slavery was abolished (you at least have to pay people a penny) – in Europe – not in Africa of course.

let’s face it: most migrants are young, poor, badly educated, male and black and probably unwilling to serve as slaves for “the system” and the poor white people that already live in Europe – also suffering heavily from the systemic destruction of the middle class.

So they are adding fuel to the pot that is about to explode – because we can not take it anymore – this capitalistic ashole death economic system is highly unsustainable and it is about to blow – congratulations all involved – the next election will elect a new hitler.

United States of Europe just does not work – or wait – we could send all male migrants back to Africa with guns – and pay them 1 Cent a day to protect Uranium mines for Europe’s nuclear reactors.

Job creation the harsh way.

All people and parties in favor of globalization and capitalism need to be seen as traitors to Europe and mankind.

They – out of their own stupidity – created this mess and up to this day do not realize their mistakes – because for 1-4% of mankind – this system “works” for the rest – it is suicide – they should go to jail or or in very bad cases … NEVER DEATH penalty it is bad… send all criminals to very distant places like very lonely islands near Panama (where all their tax money is already avoiding tax) where never ever any ship comes by.

This includes 90% of all members of parliament of the parties FDP, CDU/CSU and SPD at the age of 50+ during the last 30 years and the Ex-CEOs of irresponsible multi national companies such as Deutsche Bank and VW which are corrupt beyond the point of imagination – destroying the companies they work for – cheating on society and the people in multiple ways.

Those people have not realized their own irresponsible behaviors and hope it will have no consequences.

VW sold people cars that are dirty and defect cars and now they do now want to clean up their own mess – same as Intel with Spectre and Meltdown flaw – both companies should be forced by law to replace their faulty products and even compensate people beyond that – it would be the end of those companies – but maybe that ought to be that way.

In deatheconomy: those companies selling faulty-by-factory products now even profit from their own cheating – because politics is protecting them and move the burden once more to the poor that bought their products.

What kind of nonsense democracy is this?

A clearly dysfunctional one that will come to an very very ugly end.

Today i took a drive with my very small electric car from and i saw two male black African migrants – in front of a church – best setting ever – obviously having nothing to do.

People that have nothing to do come up with stupid and criminal ideas.

My ways was blocked 3x times.

Once by a Bulgarian family unpacking, moving to Germany – people blocking my way with their parked cars – clearly economic-refugees – i have heard Bulgaria almost has no people anymore.

Twice by Turkish people occupying the streets with their  irresponsible behavior.

So this is it.

The Germany of 2019.

A major catastrophe but still better off than the rest of the world?

Unbelievable to me.

People in Greece, Spain and France that we call friends must be so bad off – at the brink of starvation – i completely understand the Gilets Jaunes protest – if Germany is still the “best off” in Europe.


Unbelievable catastrophe.

Forget about France24,

it seems the only party able to boardcast LIVE from Paris on 1. Mai of 2019 are THE RUSSIANS! THANK YOU SPUTNIK!

also thank you RUPTLY!

Gilets Jaunes and all other revolutionaries should:

  • team up with like minded people – write a plan
    • there IS NO SOLUTION WITHIN THE CURRENT SYSTEM, so “tax justice” will not be enough, you need to come up with a complete new innovative way of government that can do intelligent decision making in the interest of 99% – mankind desperately needs to test new ways of government – or risk a fall-back into dictatorship – which is a step-back because if you think “that’s okay i can control the dictator” – well this failed in history multiple times.
    • give the violent “black block” targets worth taking – so their actions are not “random” and seen as “terror” to the public and the police
    • use new technologies to organize and communicate – teach encryption (always use as free as possible linux + tor-browser bundle + https,  chats, enigmail + pgp on mails)
  • meet up with elected politicians, team up with industrialist and bankers
  • work out a new form of governmental system – does not have to be perfect – at this point almost any form is better than what we have now (direct democracy would be a nice try)
  • remove the current system
  • implement their version of governance
  • the currently politicians ought to help in the process or get out of the way or hang

Why am i saying this?

The French Revolution in 1789 removed a corrupt  system and ENABLED FIRST DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE!

I go even as far as saying that without foreign intervention the revolution would have stayed peaceful.

So the new powers emerging very fast need to learn how to shield itself off from foreign interventions that try to shift powers and “play it out” in their interest – install “their pro-country-x leader”

PS: Unfortunately you can not expect revolutions to start in Germany – Germans are good intellectuals and machine builders, but bad very bad at revolutions. (even Hitler’s revolution has failed)

PS: Thanks for reading – i really appreciate the value of your time.

For life is precious.

And the current system is unable to organize it in a way that values human time.

PSS: Because of the events unfolding – we you me will not even have the time to think and act responsibly – it is hard to do that in this fast paste capitalistic death economy that get’s worse by the day.

PSSS: Europe =IS NOT EQUAL TO= EU, EU and Euro-Currency are human made faulty constructions.


First of Mai Demonstrations mostly peaceful

… despite what you might have heard. Most Western Media Outlets (in contrast to Russian) did not seem to want to cover this event extensively.


First of Mai Demonstration in Berlin

… at the same time in impoverished East-Germany (former DDR)

Demonstration of Right-Wing organization "Der Dritte Weg" (the 3rd way) sign reads: "Social Justice instead of criminal immigrants"
Demonstration of Right-Wing organization “Der Dritte Weg” (the 3rd way) sign reads: “Social Justice instead of criminal immigrants” it was not all peaceful.

while at the same time 1200 people demonstrated against fascism.

… previous years in France 🙂

… pretty brave and spectacular.

We definitely need more:

Comedian Martin Sonneborn (Die Partei) and Comedian Semsrott
Comedian Martin Sonneborn (Die Partei, actually is already in EU-Parliament, warns of re militarization movement in the EU, doing pretty educational stuff there) and Comedian Semsrott


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