Trump’s Use of Emergency Loophole to Export US Bombs to Saudis, Critics Warn, Will Only Intensify World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

“Every bomb sold to Saudi Arabia is another bomb for Saudi bomber jets to drop on Yemeni hospitals, weddings, markets, and school buses.”

i usually do not quote BBC… but well… there are not “normal” times:

Trump approves $8bn Saudi weapons sale over Iran tensions

“U.S. military put its forces in Iraq on high alert, and the State Department ordered all nonemergency employees Wednesday to leave the country immediately amid escalating tensions with Iran” (src:

“anonymously sourced intelligence.”
“In 2003, it was Iraq – in 2019, it’s Iran.
Much of American news reporting on US-Iran relations glosses over President Donald Trump’s role and the history of American aggression against Iran.
While Islamic Republic – ruled by authoritarians and involved in wars in Syria and Yemen – is far from an innocent player, inflammatory headlines, unnamed sources, and decades of misinformation in the US media over Iran don’t help.”
Julian Assange has been nominated for a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, according to the legal campaign to defend him.

1933: Fire in the Reichstag: sate of emergency – not again – reads familiar?

on the 1933-02-27 the German parliament building (comparable to US Capitol in Washington) was set on fire and the government blamed it on the communists.

let us just hope Trump won’t pull off anything like that to blame it on Iran.

in 1933:”the same night the party magazines of the SPD and the KPD were banned and about 4000 oppositional arrested.

The day after, the 28. On February 22, Hindenburg signed the “emergency ordinance for the protection of the people and the state”.

This emergency decree suspended the basic rights of the Weimar Constitution.

From that time on, therefore, there was de facto no freedom of expression, no freedom of press, assembly and association, no secrecy of correspondence, as well as postal secrecy and secrecy of telecommunications.

The people had no right to property and to the Inviolability of the apartment.

In addition, from now on, people could be detained for an unlimited period without any court order.

The decree remained in force until the end of the war and allowed the National Socialists to deal arbitrarily with other-minded people.”

translated from: (

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