many people (not the healthy and the rich) have legitimate grievances.

the left blames neoliberal capitalisms and the  deregulation they advocate (it’s called “freedom”), neoliberals (of course) blame the state/government/laws.

so if something goes wrong – nobody wants to take responsibility – but rather just finds some reasons to blame it on someone else (scape goat principle).

you know what REALLY would help?

  1. have your own water well for fresh water (so you do not have to pay Nestle for it)
  2. have your own hectare of furtile land, grow your own food and reuse your own seeds (so you do not have to pay anyone for it, not even Monsanto)
  3. produce your own electricity (so you do not have to pay anyone for it)

who – left, right and neoliberal can NOT agree with those three points?

It enhances peoples freedoms and independence.

And i thought – freedom and independence is what neoliberals want. (hopefully for everybody not only for themselves, that would be selfish and egoistic)

All parties – government – banks – private households should enable and work towards this or get out of the way.

i close with this funny cartoon:

you can also have it in French:

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