Everyone needs to make decisions.

The best decisions are not done with the mind and logic.

But with the subconsciousness and breathing and listening to what your body says “the belly”.

If you have to decide between what makes sense and profit – i would go with: as much sense as possible (within this monetary system) – without ruining yourself.

Some people take enormous risks to do the right thing – while suffering massively economically.

While some equal money with happiness (more money = more happiness) we all know it is not true.

If you are very poor a little money will help you a lot.

But if you are already own a Porsche.

If you own one or hundred Porsche will probably not make a big difference to your happiness.

Do your thing – but do it.

Be as good as possible without ruining yourself.

A free and open internet is a chance – for mankind to learn from each other – faster – mankind needs to learn how to survive on this planet, in this universe – more sustainably – extinction is not very funny.

Online training sector is booming.

If the internet is used for learning from each other – then it is 7% of CO2 put at pretty good use – still why do have all those bots hit this site with non-sense queries?


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thanks a lot – semrush bot – you are causing A LOT OF CO2!

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