How could it look like?

The monetary system – that gives incentives – to be good humans – developing living sustainable lifes – passing on that knowledge of sustainable survival to children and grand-children.

Now Democracy is as corrupted as it is now – mankind desperately needs better ways to cooperate – in peace.

Survival on Mars will be way tougher than on Earth.

Even on our beloved blue “space ship” Earth and a lot of people struggle to survive even on Earth – largely triggered by non-sustainable lifestyles and the ignorance of the rich that derive their riches largely from privileges/rights on possessions (real estate, companies, mines, fishy profit shoveling laws) and powerful to not bring about self-sustainable-change which would free the poor from poverty.

Some try – and i respect those who try – but unless a critical mass does all one can do – to improve survival on Earth and Mars – mankind has no future.


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