Humans ain’t perfect, thus all human made systems will contain errors, thus all (man made) governmental systems are flawed and are in need of constant improvement.

Bismarck had a distinct distrust in democracy and favored monarchy.

But show me a good king?

There have been so many bad kings.

Because power corrupts, absolute power seems to corrupt even more.

So monarchy ain’t perfect, Democracy ain’t perfect, what will come next?

The next step for democracy can not be to go back to monarchy.

But to reinvent democracy in a positive (for everybody), creative, productive, fair, just and job creating way.

New forms of democracy need to be locally tested, and yes, maybe some countries are “too big” for democracy to function properly, then test new forms of democracy on smaller community (local) levels.

Whatever comes after democracy, the goal of every form of government, should be, to create a decision making process of maximum competence.

This is exactly, what (corrupted money driven) democracies (currently) fail at, they fail at making competent decisions for the good of all.

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