want to be honest with you… if mankind dies out or not, I have fought far too many battles against brainwashed egoistic stupid people and i now accept both outcomes.

“altruism can no longer be considered a noble and somewhat naïve ideal;

it is, more than ever, a necessity. “


Mr Ricard… those are magnificent brilliant and great words… but can mankind change (in time)?

After decades of “money” (created egoism) “thinking”, mankind has arrived at a “culture of egoism” which means, maximum freedom for the individual and (of course) unsustainable “culture of death and (self)destruction”.

With Democracies corrupted beyond repair (?) unable to handle the smallest of crisis, It would probably take mankind a state of development of “collective consciousness” and awareness what actions would be good for the planet-habitat and all of mankind (in this case mankind is less intelligent than every bee hive or ant hive).

Without it tackling global international challenges (like pandemics or climate change or plastic pollusion) and systemic challenges (like corruption and tax avoidance) will be (almost) impossible.

Well never ever give up.

Change what you can change.

Accept what you can not change.

Will mankind be “egoistic enough”, “unaware enough”, “un-conscious enough”, “ignorant enough” (in short: “stupid enough”) and it surely will die out…

check out this funny “Aliens thinking about Earth Invasion” clip which is 10 years old but still up to date.

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