“Based on the fact that China’s economic growth is slowing down and social freedom is deteriorating, Ringen predicts that China may become a new Nazi state under Communist Party’s consolidating power and absolute rule. [4]

“Stein Ringen (born July 5, 1945) is a Norwegian sociologist and political scientist.[1]

He is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford (formerly Green College, Oxford).” (Wikipedia)

Published on October 24, 2019

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The Innocracy Conference 2019 took place in Berlin on October 10.

It brought together over 700 progressive thinkers and visionaries from all across Europe.

The objective of the conference was to draft ideas for the ‘how’ of democratic transformation, that is, ways to achieve successful sustainable, digital and social transformation.

#Innocracy19 marked an important milestone in the conference’s history.

Instead of focusing on incremental change, the 2019 edition addressed fundamental reforms of our political system.
This shift became necessary in the face of multiple crises and democratic challenges confronting our societies today.

comment: #wow & #argh

great that there are great thinkers among mankind,
but only if:
  • brilliant brains
  • with ethics & objectivity intact (not paid by some unkown 3rd party seeking influence)
  • put aside human appreciation-addiction-ego (hard to impossible)
  • there could be true genius ideas that could restart a democratic nation
  • (the charta of humans rights (French Revolution) and the US-constitution “declaration of independence” were such nation-wide restarts and intellectual masterpieces that are still (!) revolutionary to this date)

“a mess” is the default modus operandi for democracy?

let’s call it DemoCrazy then 🙂

grown up with this “mess” that democracy has become (it works btw way better in small countries below 10 million citizens),
those are actually very harsh words from Mr Stein that translate into:
“Yes! Your country is broken as sh** because it is ruled by almost 100% corrupt politicians, that rather stuff their private pockets with the nation’s money, deliver no solutions to urging problems of society and threaten the survival of ALL mankind, but ‘suck it up'”
not sure if “accepting the mess” is a good solution (probably not) or a receipt for disaster.
  • change what you can change
  • accept what you can not change
  • (of course it needs a lot of will power to find out, what really can not be changed).
imho it is required (as stated many times in this blog) that “democracy” needs to be under permanently development by a bunch of intelligent people that are independent-as-possible, into a positve-for-99% direction or face catastrophe (sooner or later the mess simply get’s too big and turns the nation into a failed state (non-goverable)).
The “status quo” of western democracies is:
  • hollow shells that ignore the rule of their own laws, whenever there is a lot of mammon-money in the game (games such as crime and financial crimes (tax avoidance)).
So Mr Stein interesting talk, but:
There is NO ALTERNATIVE to NOT DEVELOP democracy further.
What would be needed sometimes: A complete democratic rewrite of the system.
Let a few groups start with a blank sheet of paper,
think it through,
discuss and come to a best-as-currently-thinkable-possible solution.
Then regional test it out (as China did with democracy in Hong Kong, but did not go so well? Then reform!).
There a lot of accurate working and brain power needed, to make it work better. (99% perfection is pretty good perfection)
There is still some slim hope, that democracies will NOT become more totalitarian, BUT the core-problem is that capitalism plays sooooo well with dictatorship (maximum exploitation of nature and humans for maximum profit).
In fact: almost all western democracies are – in fact – financial dictatorships.
Whoever gets the loan cheap (access to freshly printed money) wins.

other directions/complete democratic restarts are possible!

  • partition into smaller independent countries + more (direct?) democracy (look at Iceland and Switzerland and how democracy used to be in Athens (only citizens (men-with-swords) were allowed to vote and they voted very directly on issues by casting black and white stones into baskets)
  • ensuring that parliaments are better “mixed” in terms of men-women and skills (TOO MUCH LAWYERS!!!)
  • install safeguards against “consultants” aka lobbyists that bend democracy in favor of the big tax dodging and planet polluting companies
  • all that money printing should be done by a democratic entity (does not have to be the same as gov, but at least let the people have a say in this very very critical institution that a central bank is)
  • randomly chose 10% to 90% of politicians from the population (Socrates had his perspective on democracy and would not have liked that, but well… chances are there might be decent people with mixed skill set (checkout this video “what Socrates hated about democracy“)
  • what Greek democracy feared: demagogues (populists), only very badly educated and informed citizens fall for that trick.
    • in other words: yes it is easier to rule over idiots, but when a nation has too much idiots, it will fail because of that.

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