Another example manufactured how miss (aka “fake news” Belarus: EU borders are open) information can result in deaths.

“Belarusian forces are escorting refugees to the Polish border.”

Belarus military even took their SIM cards so they can not warn the other refugees that are attracted by Belarus and shipped by Belarus and prepared by Belarus to follow!5813517/

auto translated to English:!5813517%2F&lang=de-en

Refugees as a weapon: Minsk takes revenge on EU sanctions

EU is ruled by incompetent idiots (all lawyers and lobbyists)

In the past the hardcore Catholic Poland did not accept ANY refugees and here again Polish won’t accept or tolerate ANY (largely Muslim refugees) in or through their country.

Parts of mankind are still in the middle ages.

After thousands have drowned in the not so small but warmer than Atlantic ocean that is called the Mediterranean Sea  (the “natural border” between Africa in the South and Europe in the North)

it’s not the first refugees to come to the EU / DE, you might think that the EU has developed a system or a plan to deal with such situations occurring again and again: apparently not, no system no plan. this is a massive EU failure.

this is exactly how massive massive problems remain unresolved by those lawyers and lobbyists politicians IDIOTS – FOREVER.

because: “the EU” (aka lawyers and lobbyists politicians IDIOTS) have STILL no solution for those refugees

because their lobbyists do not care about refugees, because they do not bring money (except maybe drive up house prices)

imho: EU go dissolve!

two possible options:

1. EU will give Poland money to fly all migrants back to their home countries and then send the Bill to be split between Belarus, France (helped remove Qaddafi) and Saudi Arabia (with US bombs are contributing to refugees fleeing)


2. all migrants will go in detention, one by one interviewed with a lie detector and who is actually a doctor or nurse can stay, the rest must board a plane and go back to their home countries

The refugee crisis is solved in 5 minutes

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