“Countries are losing a total of $483 billion in tax a year to global tax abuse committed by multinational corporations and wealthy individuals – enough to fully vaccinate the global population against Covid-19 more than three times over.”


source: https://index.taxjustice.net/cthi/2021/world/score/top

Each jurisdiction is graded with a Haven Score out of 100

  • 0 means the jurisdiction’s tax and financial systems allow no scope for corporate tax abuse
  • 100 means this country allows unrestrained corporate tax abuse (and should be sanctioned!)
  • Haven Scores are based on 20 indicators
    • Jurisdictions can dig into their Haven Score assessments to identify the harmful laws and loopholes they can amend to reduce their enabling of global corporate tax abuse (register to download detailed data)

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backup: Corporate Tax Haven Toplist Index – 2021 Results country-list.pdf



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