this post was overwritten with – nothing – emptiness.

As empty as the words of Putin.

Who kept meeting with nation’s leaders for dialogue – while already knowing – what he will do – murder many 10.000 men, women and children in the most brutal AND stupid way to topple a disliked government.

(there are at least 2x ways to change a foreign government that would be more intelligent and that even Lenin & Stalin employed… but well hewego 2022).

The fact western leaders were willing to meet with Mr Putin – means – they all thought – he was more intelligent – but Russia was arrogant and with a steel hammer tries to hammer it’s little brother Ukraine, not without hefty losses also amongst the Russians.

And someone in the US pentagon and in UK is cheering, finally, after Afghanistan, kick the Russian’s ass.

UK says Putin has gone ‘full tonto’ and we can ‘kick his ass’ (aka backside)

Germany turns tough toward Russia over Ukraine invasion

Finally: the world realized, how evil the Russians really are and unite against them and buy loads and load of US arms.

#congratulations all involved #catastrophe

the #understanding is #gone

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